“It Was the First Time I Felt the Weight Come Off My Shoulders” - How eutaptics® FasterEFT™ Changed This Man’s Life

“It Was the First Time I Felt the Weight Come Off My Shoulders” - How eutaptics® FasterEFT™ Changed This Man’s Life

No matter who you are or where you’re from, at some point in your life I’m sure you have felt the pressure to be successful. More so, I’m sure you have felt the sting when that success doesn’t manifest the way you hoped it would. 

For Micheal, his situation was the opposite. He had every success he had dreamed of - a nice car, a well-earning business, a healthy lifestyle - he hadn’t felt the sting of failure and life at that time was exactly what he wanted it to be. Even though he sometimes struggled with his emotions, Michael was about as close to the peak of his existence as he could be.  

Then out of the blue, that wonderful life he had spent so many years building all came crashing down like a Jenga tower. His business had suddenly stalled. His healthy lifestyle became a struggle to maintain. He had to let go of his employees and figure out how he was going to do everything alone. If he wanted to keep everything else for his family’s sake, he’d have to push off his plans for retirement and juggle the whole business on his own. 

For the first time in decades Michael was at a loss. His family relied on him and letting them see how much he was struggling would be worse than losing everything. So he kept that to himself. It was this seemingly ‘brave’ choice to keep his head down and carry on that would lead Michael into his darkest days. 

Michael had become deeply depressed and was frequently thinking of things from his past that were getting harder and harder to cope with. Over the course of his thirty year career he had gone through every therapy and every modality he could find to try and help himself with these deeper memories, ones that often disrupted his peace, but nothing happened. 

He’d work at it and work at it, but still he couldn’t shake the terrible things that he went through in his youth. He often thought about how strange it was that he had come so far, yet something that happened so long ago was still bothering him today. Not being able to get past it all made him feel even more broken. 

One day, a friend of his showed him a flier for a free healing seminar. Figuring he had nothing else to lose, he went for it. 

At the time, he had no idea how profound that simple gesture from a friend would be. Today, Michael credits walking into that room and hearing what Robert had to say as the day his whole life changed. 

During the seminar Michael soaked up everything that Robert was teaching. It was revolutionary, he said. The ideas weren’t so far fetched that he couldn’t see a reason not to give eutaptics® FasterEFT™ a try. Everything was so logical and easy to apply to his daily life. It made him feel an almost instant relief, like he’d found some pot of gold that everyone was looking for, but he was lucky enough to discover.   

He decided immediately to keep going, so he signed up for “You Can Change Yourself Master Training.” Michael didn’t expect to learn so much about himself in such a short time, but in that week of training he was able to recognize patterns he had been repeating continuously throughout his life. He started to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ he came to dwell on specific experiences from his childhood and what they were manifesting in his current life. 

Most importantly though, he saw the fall of his company for what it was: an opportunity. 

He was given a second chance to heal himself and create a new, more spectacular life. He worked through the hurts he had been carrying and went back to his business with a fresh pair of eyes. 

A few months later, Michael was ready to attend a Level 2 Training and there he told Robert that eutaptics® FasterEFT™ was the one and only thing that helped him fully forgive himself and forgive those who hurt him when he was young. 

“It was the first time I felt the weight come off my shoulders.” He said. “I now know that I don’t have to carry the world to be successful.” 

Since Michael was just a young boy, he watched as every man in his life took on more than they could handle. They hid their pain and their suffering from their families, but he saw right through it. He grew up believing that this is just what you're supposed to do. So, when he was being abused by someone close to him, he thought he was supposed to hide his suffering and carry on.   

This pattern kept on throughout his life, no matter the situation. 

Thankfully, today Michael no longer thinks that way. Since making his way through the eutaptics® FasterEFT™ Practitioner Track, Michael has retired from his company and is now using his knowledge to help himself, his family and his friends. 

Michael’s story is one of many successes that have happened because of eutaptics® FasterEFT™. If you want to see the kind of momentum in your life that others have found for themselves, consider taking our cornerstone training, “You Can Change Yourself Master Training.” It’s the training that is 100% about YOU

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