Learn to say NO, and stop trying to people please everyone! eutaptics® FasterEFT™

Learn to say NO, and stop trying to people please everyone!

Have you found yourself unable to manage your time and saying yes to people and things when you know that what you really want to say is no? Helping our family is a good example of this issue. Most of us try to help our family out as much as we can when they are in need, and sometimes family members tend to rely on us for help more than they should. This can become a major problem because it adds stress onto our own life, and we can become burnt out really quickly. 

In this Story of Transformation, we follow Jane, a participant in our weekly Tap-Along events. She has been tapping and sharing her story in the Tap-Alongs for over eight months now. Jane is a YES-Woman, she is constantly trying to please everyone and has trouble telling people no. When she first started attending tap alongs she volunteered to share her story about how she feels sick, weak, and tired all the time. Jane had pain in her body and it hurt her to move around all the time. She told the group when she went out of her home she would feel like her boundaries were being crossed and felt unsafe. Jane talked about how she is often helping out her family either with babysitting, grocery shopping, running errands and many other things. All of her kids are adults with children of their own, so she is helping them run their lives along with her own. She loves helping her family but she sometimes just does not want to. She would rather relax at home or do something she enjoys, however, that never happens; because she does not want to disappoint her family. Jane said she started feeling more sick because she did not like the job causing more stress.  

Have you ever had to help your family and absolutely did not want to? Have you ever disliked a job so much it stressed you out more but you needed the money and had to stay? Just like Jane, we all face enduring challenges at points in our life to try and bring peace and happiness to our life. A big purpose in life is to avoid as much pain as possible to try and find happiness. 

During the Tap-Along session Robert Gene would help Jane reveal memories of her childhood; always wanting to please everyone. She spoke about her mom and how she was always doing things for her family until the day she died. Jane would talk about how she often felt lost, scared, and the fear of not being good enough as a child. Robert Gene tapped on Jane, helping her reveal that the reason she was feeling this way was because of her mom. She was trying to live in her mom's shadow and it was causing her to become sick.

After several months of tapping with Robert Gene in our weekly Tap Alongs, Jane began to see results, she was feeling less tension in her mind and body and was able to start telling her family no at times. She said she was experiencing less pain in her legs, and it was still a little tense but she was able to walk for a longer period of time. Jane continues to participate in the weekly Tap-Alongs and also signed up for a private session with an advanced eutaptics® Professional to further empower herself. 

Robert Gene’s training changes people's lives one step at a time. Each participant who volunteers in the weekly Tap-Along is guided by Robert through a step-by-step process by eliciting their emotional strategy and helps them realize that the frustration and stress is just a facade, and the problem is emotional escapism. 

I am sure there are issues you may face on a daily basis that cause stress, or emotional tension in relationships. The process Robert Gene created can be done quickly and anywhere. If you are interested in changing your life we offer multiple courses on our website created for multiple different issues like relationships, weight loss, PTSD, stress, abuse, anxiety and many more. If you are just interested in attending a Tap-Along on our website we offer month-long packages where people can gain access to four sessions in a single month. 

We only have one life, so make the changes now to improve your mind in order to live happier and healthier. If you do not make these changes you risk living with the stress, anxiety, emotional struggles, and an unhappy feeling that can affect your growth in life. 

As Robert Gene has said, “Inner peace starts the moment you've defused emotional responses, judgements, and change the memories that created conflict”.

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I can relate to the lady as I am a people pleaser also

Jenny Howard

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