Limiting beliefs about relationships – Heal your relationships with FasterEFT

Using FasterEFT to heal your relationships is the best thing you can do right now. Why? Because it’s effective, healthy and doesn’t require you spending thousands of dollars on programs that don’t work.


The key to healing your relationships, whether romantic or otherwise, is avoiding jealousy. Stop tormenting yourself by replaying bad memories. Forgive the past and live in the present moment. Everyone has relationship issues – whether it’s with your partner, spouse, sibling, colleague, co-worker, neighbor, relative.


Are you tormenting yourself with memories from the past? Perhaps an ex-boyfriend broke up with you in high school, and now 20 years later, you get a friend request from him on Facebook and that throws you into a tailspin. You keep replaying that painful moment over and over again, which ultimately leads to health problems. To be able to heal your relationships is a choice you can make, starting NOW.


Has it ever happened that you had a dream that seemed so real, that you woke up in a panic? That anxious mood then colors the rest of your day and you can’t seem to shake the feeling that “something is wrong”. That feeling, like fear, anger, sadness etc. are your body’s way of responding to your thoughts, by activating the ‘fight or flight’ stress response.


Tormenting yourself by replaying awful things that people have said or done in the past, is only hurting one person – YOU. You’re driving to work, doing the dishes, cleaning your house, and you start replaying these stories of the past that hurt you.  Before you know it, you start hating your job, feeling depressed and angry all the time. Your current relationships start to suffer because you are unable to separate yourself from living in the past and being present in the now.


You are choosing to do this to yourself. The truth is you are making these stories up in your head. To heal your relationships you need to realize that the past is over, it’s gone. Anything you are re-visiting in your mind is you imagining different scenarios that cause you pain, anger, fear or frustration. We have this amazing ability called imagination – we can create stuff, movies, scenarios in our minds and they FEEL real. Then we start acting as if it’s real and before you know it, your life becomes a reflection of the thoughts you constantly rehearse in your mind’s theatre.


These movies, whether good or bad, are all real to your unconscious mind, which runs the show. Your unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Change your movies, change your mind – that’s why FasterEFT is so effective.


If you’re not emotionally intelligent, even the most amazing relationship will falter after the ‘honeymoon’ period is over. We all have baggage, so it’s best to let that baggage go and embrace what you have in the present. Heal your relationships by embracing FasterEFT and implementing it into your life.


The difference between a good life and a bad one lies in the quality of the movies you play in your mind. You can entertain positive thoughts and create an amazing life, or entertain negative thoughts and suffer. The choice is yours.


You don’t know how to escape the pain, so you turn to medication, alcohol, watching sad movies – whatever you can to avoid feeling that way.


But if you can’t stop living in the past and replaying those memories – that’s where FasterEFT comes in.


Heal your relationships:

  1. Tap it out, release it, let it go and stop replaying those tormenting memories in your mind. Stop entertaining yourself with past regrets, hurts and pains.
  2. Take ownership of your mind. Start releasing this emotional stuff. Whenever we tap on ourselves using FasterEFT, you’ll start noticing that the emotional charge is gone from that painful memory. You can then start healing yourself and changes in your behavior will occur automatically.


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