Lose Weight Fast: 6 Types of Human Hungers

The great thing about FasterEFT is that you don’t need to know what the subconscious causes are, that cause your weight problems.


Weight problems are most definitely NOT just about emotional overeating.


In fact, they may have nothing to do with food at all.


Some people almost kill themselves dieting and starving, only to have gained more weight than before.


Why is this so?


This means that you may be stress eating which leads to weight gain.


While food is a component in controlling your weight, it’s not the main cause.

There are 6 main types of human hungers triggered by your subconscious, known as emotional hunger, and FasterEFT can help you clear those blocks once and for all.


1. Nutritional Hunger

This is the only genuine form of hunger.


However, we may not recognize when our body actually needs to eat to nourish itself, or just to eat because we see food.


Our body is the mind in action, so we may have a subconscious belief that we must eat whatever is placed in front of us, whether or not it’s healthy or we’re hungry.


This results in emotional overeating and eventual weight gain.


2. Thirst

Are you thirsty?


Have you ever found that after having a nice refreshing glass of water, you don’t feel “hungry” anymore?


This is because, our bodies are made up of approximately 50-60% water.


When our bodies are deprived of water, this is communicated to us as emotional hunger.


People often mistake this for nutritional hunger and end up eating, when instead, you’re probably just thirsty.


This is especially plausible if you’ve just head a meal an hour or two ago and need to rehydrate.


If you find it difficult to keep track of your meals, don’t start stress eating!


FasterEFT has the solution!


Keep reading.

3. Cravings / Variety

From an evolutionary standpoint, variety was a defense mechanism developed by the body for survival, by limiting dependence on a single food source.


However, now whether your weakness is chocolate, potato chips, pizza or fizzy drinks, you can stop food cravings quickly and painlessly using the FasterEFT tapping technique.


Just like all other problems, your food cravings are a call for emotional overeating caused by records held in your subconscious.


These records cause the subconscious to trigger your body to respond with a craving because it believes that emotional eating is essential to your getting what you need.


4. Low Blood Sugar

While this is a valid health concern, it’s become an excuse for chocolate, soda drinks and dessert lovers to overindulge in sugary products.


This leads to sugar induced fat gain – whereby eating a lot of sugar significantly raises insulin levels in the blood, which leads to more fat being deposited into your cells, unless you burn off that excess energy.


5. Emotional Hunger

This is often rooted in a relationship with someone from your past who you felt close to, of whom you have fond memories connected to a specific type of food, or food in general.


Food then becomes an escape for you.


You may find that when you feel upset, lonely, angry, sad, anxious, stressed, or any other negative state, you have a desire to eat; and that stress eating provides a temporary good feeling or relief from the bad feelings.


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6. Empty Stomach Hunger

Going hungry for long stretches of time is not recommended or healthy.


However, a few hours between meals is advised.


If you start to feel hunger pangs, just 30-40 mins after eating a meal, you can rest assured it’s not actual nutritional hunger, it’s emotional hunger.


It’s just your body’s evolutionary response to your stomach being empty.


In the past, like 200 years or so ago, when food wasn’t so readily available, this reflex was developed by the stomach to ensure that whenever a human saw food, they ate it – to ensure survival.


However, this is no longer the case, so if you feel like you’re hungry right after having a meal, chances are you’re really not.


Your body is just trying to get you to indulge in emotional overeating.


Have a glass of water instead!



How Eutaptics Can Help Manage Human Hungers

Trying to resist the urge to consume unhealthy foods and forcing yourself to exercise are bound to be difficult and set you up for failure.


On the other hand, changing the desire in your subconscious will cause you to naturally and effortlessly choose healthier food, indulge in less emotional overeating and make you more willing to exercise.


The records held in the subconscious act as references for how we live our lives.


The subconscious mind refers to the records it holds, and then prompts the body and conscious mind to behave accordingly.


In other words, if you hold a memory in your subconscious that sodas like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper etc. makes you feel good – even though you may be unaware of the connection – your subconscious will signal your organs to produce chemicals that make you feel good about drinking sodas and bad about not having it.


When you try not to drink sodas, you are not simply choosing to not drink it; you are fighting against your body’s craving for it.


This is caused by the record the subconscious holds that it makes you feel good.


If you were to change that record, you would be able to easily choose to not drink sodas and drink water or eat fruits instead.


It would then become a simple decision rather than a struggle against your own body.


Using the FasterEFT process helps you to access the original record that drinking sodas makes you feel good.


It also changes the original record, through memory reimprinting, so that your subconscious no longer prompts your body and conscious mind to respond to sodas in the same way.


Additionally, if you are overweight you may find that yourself stress eating when you are not hungry.


This habit is often caused by attempts to relieve some form of emotional discomfort or pain.


Some people eat when they’re bored or when they’re lonely; some eat when they’re sad or upset – this is known as emotional overeating.


Using the FasterEFT technique instead of food to relieve those feelings will not only help you to lose weight; it will also be more effective in relieving the feelings – and that relief will last.



Grab a pen and paper and do the following:

The first step in curbing emotional hunger using FasterEFT is becoming aware of when you eat despite not being hungry.


In other words, start paying attention to what’s happening to your body, what you’re thinking, and what you’re feeling when you choose to eat when you’re not hungry.


What are the circumstances?


Who is it that you do this with (if anyone)?


What do you feel just before you start emotional overeating, when not hungry?


How does eating make you feel in this situation?


And what do you tell yourself that gives you permission to eat when you’re not hungry.


Make notes of these answers so that you can address them effectively using FasterEFT tapping.


The second step is to notice any memories you have that are connected to each answer.


Then, use the FasterEFT tapping Technique to address each one and flip it.


When addressing emotional hunger and emotional overeating, relationships are key.


Focus on any relationships that cause you to start stress eating and the connection between that and food.


While tapping, make sure you put the love back where it belongs – with the person rather than the food.


You eat because you love the person, so keep the love with the person, instead of transferring it to the food.


Feel the love for that person, and feel the same love coming from them to you.


Although the subconscious has connected that love with food, it is not the food that contains the emotion; it is the connection with that person.


From now on, whenever you find yourself wanting food, ask yourself if you’re actually hungry; and if you are not hungry but still want the food, make sure you tap out the feeling of wanting to eat in that moment.

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