Manifesting Your Desires the Most Effective Way

The Law of Attraction says, whatever it is you desire will be manifested  into your life experience. This is true, it also says that everything you resonate with will be attracted into your reality. There is no arguing about the power of the Law of Attraction.

But the common question is not how this immutable law operates, but how we can use it to work for us and make us happy?

You may repeatedly recite your affirmations for a thousand times like a mantra to attract someone, or an ideal relationship and see no result.

In such a case, you may blame the law of attraction.

But that doesn’t it mean that it doesn’t work.

To truly harness the power of this law and make it work for us, we need to first work on ourselves. The moment you have achieved even just the smallest progress in controlling your mind and understanding your emotions, manifesting your desires will become easier.

Why Is the Law of Attraction Working Against You?

It may feel like the Law of Attraction is working against you simply because you are not resonating with what it is you are truly wanting. To affirm and send out to the universe that you want a relationship, for example, is one thing. But what if you feel like you’re going to stay single forever is quite another.

Of course, the birth of every manifestation is a process of creation and affirming that desire. But when you send it out, it also requires work on your end. It doesn’t just arrive all because you are anticipating it.

You need to first learn how to align with it and hold no doubt within you that you deserve it. A relationship, for example, will not arrive if you are not emotionally matching your desire. In other words, you need to also be emotionally prepared to receive what it is you are desiring.

A mismatch in the emotions you hold about any particular desire will cause its absence. Instead you may feel that the gap between you and manifesting your desires is steadily getting wider, and begin to feel frustrated and disappointed.

The law of attraction is not working against you. It just so happens that the more often you resonate with the absence of your desire, the more the absence of it shows up, because that is where you are putting your focus.

In other words, pay closer attention to the emotions you fuel your desires with, ask yourself, “How will I truly feel if I have (whatever it is you want)?

If you can feel without a trace of doubt that you deserve it, the law of attraction will help you manifest it and bring it to your reality. But if you send out a desire and have unsettled fears, doubts and negative thoughts, then it will simply create more of the fears, doubts and the absence of what it is you truly want.


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How Do You Rid Yourself of Fears and Doubts?

The first step is to notice that you have fears and doubts. Sometimes, even though we think we are consciously choosing our reality and responses to it, we are unaware of hidden fears and doubts.

We seldom consciously choose our reactions to life. Our choices of thoughts, desires, dreams and goals are actually based on the records of memories we have gathered through our life experience thus far.

For example, you want to be successful. It is no doubt you are truly wanting it based on the fact that you recognize you want to progress professionally and financially.

You hold within you the idea that success will make you happier, that success will make you a better person.

However, subconsciously, you may also be fearing success or some aspects of it. Say for example, you might fear that success will change you or change the people around you. Or simply that you do not really see yourself becoming very successful and are just desiring it for the sake of at least having a desire.

Such beliefs, even the ones you force your mind to believe, are actually as powerful as your desires. For negative thoughts also carry emotions. Meaning they are also being used by your mind when you aim for success.

This makes the law of attraction seem not to work when in reality, it is working perfectly in manifesting what you feel to be true about success.

To resolve the issue. You need to of course, find the source of your fears. This what makes FasterEFT the best tool in making the Law of Attraction work for anyone. The source of our fears are the imprints or memories we subconsciously hold. We may not be aware they exist but they are the forerunners of many of our life’s problems.

A system like FasterEFT can change the way you respond to your fears. It can help you collapse the structure of fear within your mental programs and make you achieve a mind free of negative beliefs about yourself.

The result is making your desires manifest faster and getting rid of the feeling of disappointment and frustration as you wait.

Emotions Fuel All Desires

Emotions are the true magic recipe in manifesting all your desires. It is an often overlooked thought, we think the Law of Attraction is all about thinking and intelligently launching desires for the Universe to hear and deliver.

But the reality is, it is our emotions that make any desire powerful. It is our emotions that determine the speed of how our desires appear into our physical reality.

It just makes sense that in practicing the Law of Attraction, we also pay attention to all our thoughts that carry negative emotions for they are the creator of the gap between you and happiness. FasterEFT of Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations is a technique that one can use to make the Law of Attraction work positively in their lives.


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