Maybe an itch on your palm isn’t always a sign that good things are to come…

Maybe an itch on your palm isn’t always a sign that good things are to come…

Imagine this: You’re driving down the coast listening to your favorite affirmations, you just started a business - it’s hard work, but it’s worth the trouble - you’re in a happy marriage, you’ve just moved to a new place and gotten a fresh start, you’ve got a whole road ahead of you… Then suddenly, you feel a little itch on your palm. 

Superstition says an itch on the palm is a sign of money to come. So, you start feeling even better!

That’s where Sadie was a few years ago. At the time, that little itch felt like a good luck charm. That was until she realized the itch wasn’t going away without a fight. 

She scratched and scratched and scratched, which only seemed to make the itch worse. Soon she had developed a rash all over her palm. It was so bad that at one point she wasn’t able to do her job anymore. 

In some ways, that was kind of okay. Sadie hated the work she had to do for her new business. It was a lot of manual labor and not a lot of rest. Though the rash was terrible, it made it so that she could ease off of some of the harder tasks. At work she had developed the nickname “Michael Jackson” because you never saw her without her one gloved hand. She had to keep the rash moisturized or she wouldn’t be able to curl her fingers. 

After some time, the rash had started to travel up her arms and finally she saw a doctor. They told her she had eczema. “Okay, that’s an easy diagnosis” she thought. 

She was taking the medication as prescribed, but nothing happened. The rash started jumping from hand to hand and spread across both arms. So she went back to the doctor who put her on another medication, then another medication. Finally they found one that worked, but it came with dangerous side effects which limited the amount of time she could take it. 

The rash had gone away and she was starting to feel good again. But Sadie’s doctors couldn’t have her on that particular medicine for long, and as soon as she came off it, the rash returned tenfold. 

Her skin was cracking and bleeding. The discomfort was unbearable. So she had to go back on the medication. She was willing to take the risks of muscle damage, emotional outbursts… whatever! Because the medication was working. However, this time it was even shorter and each time she came off the medicine, the rash came back even worse than before. 

The doctors didn’t know what to do. They removed her from her workshop, worried that it could be the chemicals they used when remodeling houses, but even at home there was no positive change in her rash. At this point it had spread to her neck and face.

Finally, she started looking at solutions on her own. Since she was already certified in EFT, she thought she’d give FasterEFT™ a try. She brought the idea to her doctor who encouraged her to go for it. 

“[The rash] might get worse, but it won’t hurt you if you're surrounded by professionals, you will be okay.” He said. “I believe in this… give it a try.” 

So, she went for it. She reached out to Robert and he recommended she take You Can Change Yourself Master Training to get herself started. So eager to see results, she skipped right to a live level 4. 

She started with Practitioner sessions and started to immediately feel the results. Session after session she was thrilled with the progress. Each practitioner gave her homework after each session, and she noticed that on night’s she didn’t do her homework she wouldn’t feel any relief. 

For now she was feeling hopeful, but there was still this lingering fear in the back of her head that this might not work. This might be just like the medication and the relief she was feeling would go away as soon as she let her guard down. 

Thankfully, one of our most prized practitioners reminded her that to surrender to the process was the best gift she could give herself. 

She did just that. She surrendered. She let go of the fear of failure, she let go of the pain, she let go of the what ifs and the how tos and suddenly it all came together. 

She started to realize that her body had manifested this rash as a way to protect her from the hard work she didn’t want to do in the first place. The job she hated had become so much of her emotional weight that her body decided to fight back against that hate the only way it knew how. 

Now, as Sadie says, “I started to dance and sing and look at myself in the mirror every single day and was saying ‘I love you!’ and within three weeks the rash had gone completely away.” 

She went on to say that she feels like her whole self again. She has never felt better in anything she has done in her life - none of her previous training or any medication - as she did in five short months with eutaptics® FasterEFT™ Training in her life.  

Sadie came to know that the truth about her pain and skin problems is that they are symptoms and not causes. Most try to treat the symptoms therefore their problems never or hardly ever go away.  

When you clutter your emotional pathways with doubt, past failures, “cure-alls” that never work, and in many cases, just plain giving up, you give yourself an excuse to stay unwell.

If you want to make some big changes in the way you feel and the way you move through life, come to Oklahoma City this weekend for Heal Your Body LIVE (September 10 - 14, 2022)! 

It’s time for you to feel better too, don’t you think? 

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