Memories: How They Continue to Shape Our Lives

Our memories affect all aspects of our lives. Our reactions and responses that form our behaviors towards anything and everything, are all based on our memories.

To say that memories only affect how we think cannot quantify its power over our lives, for the mind is a very complex mechanism. Our minds go far beyond the electric impulses within the brain. The brain itself can be said to be obedient to the mind.

What Are Memories?

Memory is our ability to encode, store and retrieve information based on experiences. It can be thought of as the way our minds use previous experiences to form a response that contributes to our overall behavior.

Memory is not intelligence. In fact, it enhances our intelligence based on how we use the data stored within the mind. It is our ability to store, retain and use the information as the basis of our behavior towards the environment we live in. But this ability is not always conscious.

When the mind utilizes memories to form a response, it happens quicker than the blink of an eye, it is automatic, putting us in a “trance,” that makes us function more efficiently without having to sort the information bit by bit.

In neurological terms, a memory is a set of neural connections in the brain. It is the reconstruction of past experiences by the synchronous firing of the neurons responsible for the encoding of a particular memory.

In other words, any memory encoded through sensory data will be retrieved by the same triggers that helped form the memory. Memories aren’t always visuals or images. Memories can be formed through the sense of touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing.


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How Accurate are Memories?

Memories are not always accurate. Over time, new neural passages and connections are formed by the brain. One might be surprised that a particular smell may trigger a particular memory with a direct effect on behavior, when in fact, the smell is indirectly related to a previous event.

Some people might be drawn towards a particular type of food, form an extreme attachment towards it but may not recall any connection to the taste and smell of it to a past experience.

Memories may not answer our obvious question of “Why?”all the time. That’s because it is confusing to understand how it is triggered and why it automatically forms a response. But the good news is, memories can be manipulated and neural passages can be rewritten or reimprinted.

Reimprinting Memories

Since memories are extremely powerful in shaping our lives because it is the basis of our responses, it only makes sense that we learn how to understand them and get them under our control. It would be great if our memories are only firing synchronous neural connections and creating only good or neutral responses. But it doesn’t. All our life’s problems, from illnesses, pains to feelings of failures are caused by memories.

Memory reimprinting is not at all about wiping memories. It is a highly specialized technique that involves manipulating and rewiring neural connections to release the emotions carried by the memories so they are no longer used by the mind as a reference to form a response.

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