“No One Likes a Complainer” - Taking Pain from Unbearable to Non-Existent  eutaptics® FasterEFT™

“No One Likes a Complainer” - Taking Pain from Unbearable to Non-Existent 

You don’t have to wait until you have hit rock bottom to start climbing to the top. But often, many people do. 

They wait until it’s damn near impossible to sleep, to walk, even to smile. They have themselves convinced that joy is for other people. Living pain free? That’s not for me, that’s for everyone else… 

Take Kenny for instance. Kenny was a hard worker his whole life. When he was in High School he played football, basketball, and ran track. After he graduated he went on to join the military and served in Iraq, leading other men into battle and keeping them safe while he did. He endured many injuries, none of which were life threatening, but all of which added to the pain he experienced day in and day out. 

Years of high stress and high tension on the body took its toll and he left the military with a body and mind that had aged half a century in the four years he served. So, upon retirement, everyone thought he might slow down. His wife had encouraged him to take it easy, both for himself and for their two young children. Kenny wouldn’t hear it. 

He took a job in construction, working ten hour days in the hot sun. Over the years he developed back and neck problems that would often cause him headaches, discomfort, and insomnia. Some nights he’d be in so much pain he’d get less than two hours of sleep before he had to crawl out of bed and go work another long day. 

On top of all of this, Kenny was depressed. He didn’t know how to dig himself out of the hole this life of “GO! GO! GO!” had been created, but he wasn’t ready to ask for help. 

“No one likes a complainer.” He would tell her. 

His wife was starting to worry that he would die, either from being sleepy and causing an accident or giving in to the thoughts that his depression kept putting into his mind. She wasn’t going to lose her husband and become a widow so young, so she took matters into her own hand and started researching on the internet what could be done. 

Hours and hours led to days and days of research. They tried medication for his depression, his back pain AND his insomnia… They got some results, but it wasn’t enough. His depression wasn’t getting better and his pain was just as bad, though he was sleeping better. 

At this point, Kenny was willing to try anything, so when his wife told him that she found something called “FasterEFT™” he threw his hands in the air and said “Ah, hell, why not?”   

He followed the youtube videos, starting with the “how to tap” videos right on through to the hour long session videos. 

At first, he was skeptical. “How is tapping going to help me?” But as the changes in his neck pain started to happen, suddenly he was faced with a startling truth… 

It doesn’t matter if you completely believe it's going to work, what matters is that you follow the system anyway. The system works on its own, because it works with the subconscious. 

After seeing some success with his neck and back, his depression had started to fade a bit too. Not wanting to lose the momentum, Kenny reached out to a practitioner he found on FasterEFT.com and started having once a month sessions. 

They worked together to relieve him of all of the memories he was replaying over and over and over. The injuries that had long since healed that he was still feeling the pain from. The survivor's guilt he felt about being one of the ones who made it home after service. The sleepless nights where sometimes he’d be up so long he would start hallucinating. They tapped on everything. They changed deep deep memories he didn’t even realize he was holding onto. 

Kenny was starting to feel good again - in his mind and body! - and his wife was beside herself with relief. Her worry of becoming a widow was long gone. 

A couple of years after discovering eutaptics® FasterEFT™ and putting in lots of hard work to get his life back together, Kenny’s wife decided that she wanted to treat him to a surprise. She got him tickets to a live event! Kenny attended a Heal Your Body weekend, and although he wasn’t ready to go to the front of the class, he was beyond happy to be there. 

A comment Kenny left read: “I don’t know what I would have done if my wife hadn’t found your videos. I could barely move after working all day. Sometimes I just wouldn’t. I’ve missed a lot with my kids [because of] my injuries, now that’s not the case.” 

If Kenny’s story resonates with you and you are ready to take the next step in your healing journey, Robert is hosting a 5-day event in Oklahoma City from September 10th - 14th. “Heal Your Body LIVE” is exactly what you need to relieve yourself from physical pain, chronic fatigue, discomfort, chronic illness and more. Changing your mind isn’t just about having a happy outlook, it’s about achieving the healing that you have always thought was impossible. 

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