Odille’s Story – How she changed a lifelong pattern of financial struggle using FasterEFT

Odille’s Story - How she changed a lifelong pattern of financial struggle using FasterEFTOdille had struggled financially all her life.


Whenever she did manage to earn a bit more or save a little, something would always happen to bring her back to the state of struggle.


When she first discovered FasterEFT through Robert’s YouTube videos, she thought it made so much sense – it filled in the missing pieces of everything else she had tried.


She prioritized watching those YouTube videos above everything else.


And after a while, she decided to “tap along” with Robert.


She will be the first to admit that she felt a weird resistance to doing so – weird because there seemed to be no logical reason for resisting.


No one was watching, she was alone; it doesn’t hurt; it barely takes any effort at all; she didn’t have to go anywhere, or pay anything… there seemed absolutely no reason to resist it.


Or was there…?


She realized, that the only reason for resistance must be because this was the thing that would actually make the changes!


She knew enough about the subconscious, the brain and the body to know that big, core changes are naturally recognized by the subconscious as a threat – in fact, life-threatening.


This meant her subconscious would do whatever it took to distract her, or put her off.


In other words, whenever she thought of tapping along with a video, her subconscious (recognizing the danger of change) was prompting her brain to trigger her organs to produce chemicals that made her feel uneasy.


Knowing that this was what was happening enabled her to choose to go ahead and tap anyway.


And so, she did!

It’s Never Going to End!

She had no training at all, and knew very little, except what those few YouTube videos had shown.


So, she sat down and asked herself those three questions:

  • How do I know I have a problem? (The answer: I don’t have enough money to pay my bills!)
  • How does that feel? (Answer: Like people want something of me, and I want to give it to them, but I literally don’t have it to give. If I had it, I would be happy to give it, but I just don’t have what’s wanted from me.)
  • When have I felt that before? (Answer: Childhood (in fact, the answer was there before the question was even asked) – nothing to do with money. It was about not being capable (or feeling incapable) of living up to what I believed was expected of me.)”

Now, she was expecting this to take around 15 to 20 minutes.


It took 45!


She cried and tapped for 45 minutes.


Knowing nothing about defractionation, she couldn’t get to her happy memory because she was so deep in the emotions.


She remembers thinking at one point, “I’m going to be like this for the rest of my life!”


Intellectually she knew that she wouldn’t remain in that state forever, but it really felt like it would never end.


It honestly felt like she was going to stay in that intense emotional state forever!


So even though she really wanted to stop tapping, she kept going because she was fed up with her never ending money problems.

The magic key

You know how Robert asks – zero-to-ten, how strong is it?


And then, as he taps, the number comes down?


Well, with Odille, it stayed at a 10.


It stayyyyyyed at a 10 until the very end.


This was one of the reasons she thought it was never going to end!


However, it did end.


It went: 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10 (for 45 minutes), 0.


That was it – no gradual decrease – it went from 10 to zero really suddenly, right at the end.


The reason she shared this is so that you are reassured – that when you’re tapping, and it doesn’t seem to be “working” because it’s staying the same – it WILL work eventually.


It took 45 minutes of staying the same for her, before it suddenly disappeared like a magic trick!


What happened the day after that first 45-minute session is another good example of the kind of beliefs that may be installed – and while the original experiences may have nothing to do with money, the subconscious can create a link.



The spider’s web

The day after she did that first big tapping session, Odille suddenly remembered, for the first time, that her and her siblings were raised with the understanding that “if you ask, you don’t get!”


This was related to manners, being polite, and waiting to be offered.


However, since the subconscious has no ability differentiate, or use logic or reason, it interpreted and filed the information literally.


Having learned, as a child, through experience, that she should wait to be offered; and that if she asked, she wouldn’t get, her subconscious treated this as an essential protocol for survival.


This would not necessarily be the case with every individual – it depends on the rest of the information stored in the subconscious since every experience is being filtered through the existing data because the life experience of each person is unique.


This insight suddenly put a spotlight on why she’d always felt so uncomfortable asking for work – or to be paid.


She remembers doing gigs, and waiting for the management to offer to pay her.


Or if they didn’t, she would reluctantly ask them, feeling really horrible about asking.


Of course, at the time, she had no idea why because it was a subconscious belief rather than a conscious understanding.


When she remembered the training of “if you ask, you don’t get” from her childhood – it all fell into place, and made perfect sense.


And she used FasterEFT that day, to address it!


And it changed.


Now, after that second session (which took around 40 minutes), certain things changed, but there were still some links.


This is very important to bear in mind.


The structure of subconscious beliefs and references can be complicated.


There may be several different examples of “evidence” from different life experiences that form the basis of a problem.


This is why it’s important to keep tapping whenever something comes up.


So, for example, after she had cleared and flipped that belief that day, she felt great.


And she found it easier to make certain decisions that involved asking.


She felt comfortable asking to be paid after a gig, for example.

Money in her account

A few months later, she needed to send an invoice for some writing work she’d done (the first invoice to a new client), and she felt her body go into the familiar fight-or-flight stress state.


There was of course, no logical reason for this fear.


But her body was behaving as if she was doing something wrong, as she prepared the invoice.


And her conscious mind was giving reason to it (that’s the conscious mind’s job – to give reason to the body’s sensations) – the thoughts were that the client wouldn’t pay her.


And she really needed the money.


And every time she thought about sending the invoice, she could feel the rush of adrenaline, and the fear that she wouldn’t get paid.


She chose to tap it out.


Right there and then.


She promised herself that she would not send that invoice until she felt calm and happy to do so, with no sign of fear or anxiety.


So, she noticed how she knew it was a problem.


She thought about sending the invoice, noticed the fear and how strong it was.


Then, taking her focus off the invoice and the fear, she tapped: “Let it go, it’s okay to let this go, it’s safe to let this go now, I don’t need it anymore…” etc. Deep breath, “Peace”, happy memory.


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Then back to thinking of sending the invoice again.


She noticed how it hadn’t changed (it didn’t change at all in the first couple of rounds.


In fact, it got a little worse, but she knew that she needed to keep going.


As she continued, the feeling started to reduce.


And eventually, it was replaced with unconditional love (which is her default setting and how she knows something’s flipped – because of the work she’s done with unconditional love).


THEN she sent the invoice!


And the money was in her account by the time she woke up the next morning!

The Stuff Behind the Stuff!

When you start to make major changes to subconscious programming, you might discover stuff you didn’t know was there.


It’s not that it’s new; it’s just that it was under the stuff you just cleared.


Like cleaning out an attic or garage.


As you clear the clutter, you find stuff you had no idea was there.


For Odille, the “stuff behind the stuff” was more fears.


She had made dramatic changes to her income.


Now, she was terrified it wasn’t going to last!


The fear that it would all fall apart, and she would end up back in the state of struggle – while attending her first FasterEFT seminar (Level 1 in Oklahoma) – haunted her.


Of course, she was still tapping, but the fear was still pretty strong.


She booked a crossfire session with Heather McKean and Tiffany Jeffers.


It was remarkable!


They addressed the fear, and the phrases from her childhood, including: “There’ll be tears at bedtime!” and “All good things must come to an end!”


The crossfire resulted in some significant changes – not only in the fears, but also in her response to other triggers!


So, here she was, in February, 2016, in Oklahoma, at Level 1.


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She was absolutely ecstatic to be there, and so grateful that she didn’t have to worry about money when everyone would all go out to eat!


In the past, the suggestion of going out to eat would cause her to worry about how much it would cost, and she’d plan to eat before she went so that she could have just a starter.


Now, she so appreciated the fact that, as the thought of the cost came into her mind, it was followed by the realization that it didn’t matter.


She would order whatever she wanted and knew she could afford it.


She’s had many many life changing experiences since then, some related to financial abundance and some to personal relationships.


If she can change her lifetime financial patterns this dramatically, YOU can do it too!


Learn more about her at her own website.


Now in addition to living a financially stable life, she’s even found the love of her life and married him!


All by using FasterEFT!


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