“Once a skeptic, always a skeptic.. Oh wait! I discovered eutaptics® FasterEFT™!” - A story of one skeptic’s transformation eutaptics® FasterEFT™

“Once a skeptic, always a skeptic.. Oh wait! I discovered eutaptics® FasterEFT™!” - A story of one skeptic’s transformation

Nicole was a young mom. She enjoyed singing, dancing, entertaining and her biggest fans were her kids. She incorporated them into everything she loved, because, as she put it, “I learn more from them while they learn from me.” 

When her youngest son was just a small child, he was very paranoid about throwing up. Normally that wouldn't be such an issue, but for their family it was something that needed addressing. It had become such a problem that they did research on causes and solutions to try and help PJ get through his fear. Through the research, Nicole’s husband found EFT. He thought, “Well maybe this will help PJ get through his fear.” 

Nicole scoffed and said, “That’s ridiculous, how is that going to help him?” 

Her husband downloaded the manual anyway, though Nicole ignored it. She didn’t think it would help anything, so she didn’t even want to try it. 

Some years later, Nicole was taking a flight, something that often caused her great anxiety, and in the midst of this flight she started having a panic attack. Breathing heavy, sweating, and unable to calm herself down, Nicole started tapping on herself. To her surprise… it worked! It was helping her soothe the panic. 

In the months after, she started using EFT regularly. It was helping her in a lot of ways,  although something about it just wasn’t a ‘complete fix.’ So she started doing a little light research and discovered Robert

“EFT was helping a lot,” she said, “but when I found FasterEFT™ - it DEFINITELY helped me. Way more than I thought.” 

It was this chance encounter with eutaptics® FasterEFT™ that sent Nicole’s life in a completely different direction. She had always wanted to help people, especially her kids. She desperately wanted them to “heal their stuff” so they could live healthy, fulfilling lives. She wanted that for them so much, that she took all of the training and became a Practitioner. 

She worked with others on their issues, she tapped on her kids, at this point, she had turned her practice into a full career. 

Perfect, right? I mean, that’s the goal, isn’t it? 

Well… yes. But the thing is, sometimes when you get so involved in helping others, you forget that helping and healing yourself is a big part of it. This was something Nicole had to learn the hard way. 

After months of being a practitioner herself, she realized that she had fallen into an old pattern… Everyone before Nicole. It is in her nature to be giving, so of course she got a sense of high off of other’s leaving a session and feeling good. But at this point, she hadn’t been doing the work on herself for quite some time. 

“I always want someone else to feel good. I want someone else to succeed. I want someone else to go before me… and I tend to overlook myself and don’t take care of myself.” She said, “Then one day I had to go for a mammogram, and they found something… Thankfully it wasn’t cancer, but I had all these tests and I had all these things done to me, and when I looked up what the breast represented… it represents putting everyone else before yourself.” 

That was a wake-up call to her. Maybe a coincidence, or maybe exactly the sign she needed that it was time to recenter the focus on Nicole. 

She started tapping on herself again, exploring the reasons behind her insistence on caring for others above herself. She was so young when she had her first child, her father passed away at a young age so she was filling in the caretaker role often, she mothered her kids and her kids friends, she went into a job where healing others was her main focus… All her life she was expected to step up when no one else could. It was in this exploration that her healing began. 

Nicole credits her journey with eutaptics® FasterEFT™ for bringing her closer to herself and her loved ones, and for connecting her with so many friends that support her one hundred percent of the way. With this tool, she is able to hold hope for her own life and to feel the peace and happiness that healing has brought her. 

Like Nicole, many of us have a tendency to care for others while forgetting about ourselves. It's hard not to when you are able to live in their joy by proxy. It might even feel like their joy is your own. At the end of the day, we can’t forget to take a minute and focus on ourselves, too. After all, if the tank is empty, it doesn’t matter how many people need a ride, the car won’t move. 

**** The names in this story have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved.

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