Overcoming Relationship Abuse – FasterEFT Testimonial


We are really happy to share another success story about overcoming relationship abuse.


Sexual abuse and trauma are one of the most devastating challenges to live with.


It affects every area of life since it changes the core of who an individual is.


For someone who has suffered the experience, life is never the same after sexual abuse and FasterEFT produces fast, lasting results that allow healing.


This is exactly how Jeannie Lee Sweeney feels.


She says, “THIS IS FREAKEN AWESOME! And you can learn to do it yourself for free!”


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Here’s her story:

“So I have to share with you my story from last night. Some of you may remember me sharing the fact that I have quite a bit of trauma from a few past relationships. I had a high school boyfriend and was subjected to things no kid that age should. I was left feeling angry, disgusting, and used.


These feelings have been following me my whole life, all the way into my marriage, which is a hard thing to admit. This person who hurt me happens to have moved back to our area and I have stressed about it so much. I have just wished he would go away and stay away forever. But that’s definitely not happening any time soon. And I knew the day would come in which I would have to face my abuser again.”


Jeannie had been suffering from extreme and ongoing sexual abuse and trauma from childhood.


The subconscious mind gives meaning to every experience we live through. 


This meaning is based on the data from previous experiences.


That’s why the experiences Jeannie went through during her teenage years followed her into adulthood.


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Sexual Abuse and FasterEFT – How it Works


Jeannie goes on to say,

“Some of you may not be familiar yet, but I am doing FasterEFT, which is a neural retraining/tapping technique that can completely dissolve your past feelings of trauma that you actively carry within your subconscious. So no surprise, I have been tapping on many traumatic memories associated with this person just this past week. I didn’t think much of it, not thinking all this tapping would be put to the test any time soon. But last night, it did. I came face to face with him and I think it shocked him more than it did myself.”


Since FasterEFT works with the subconscious to address the original memories of the events, it changes the effects of the abuse from the core, rather than dealing only with the symptoms.


It also allows the individual to heal themselves without needing to keep reliving the experience.


One of the key understandings in FasterEFT, and it is what makes working with abuse and FasterEFT so effective, is that whatever happened then is not happening now.


In addition to this, all memories inside your head are now you.


Robert points out that your memory of the abuser, for example, her ex-boyfriend, in this case, is really her; since her ex-boyfriend wasn’t present at the moment – and he can’t really fit inside her head.


So, as you go through the FasterEFT process, the “ex-boyfriend” she is healing in her memory isn’t her ex-boyfriend, it is a part of herself.


It is her representation of her ex-boyfriend.


This allowed Jeannie to feel in control instead of out of control.


We can’t make other people change, but we can change our own representation of them.


We can change what we do within our own minds.




Traumatic Memories

Jeannie continues,

“What would have normally happened in this situation is I would become hot and flush, my brain would get fuzzy, my heart rate would sky rocket, I would feel like I was going to pass out. Then afterwards I would obsess over the whole thing. Feelings of embarrassment, shame, anger.


But, my response was so normal, so fine that it took me a minute to realize that I was completely okay. I was like body checking, my heart rate was not up, I was not feeling the need to take off layers of clothing. I was fine. And I continued with my support group meeting with absolutely no interruptions in thought! I went home and had absolutely no feelings of embarrassment, shame, or anger. I was just in shock. I’m still in shock!!”

Even though Jeannie had many traumatic memories she was able to stay calm even when faced with her abuser.




Robert explains the mind-body connection: “What the mind thinks, the body follows – in other words, if you think about something sad, you’ll notice that you feel a sensation of sadness somewhere in your body; if you think of something happy, you’ll notice that you feel a sensation of happiness somewhere in your body.


As Jeannie came face to face with her ex-boyfriend, she felt the feeling of being back in the traumatic situation.


Even though she was in a safe environment in that moment.


This is what we all do, every time we are reminded of something that hurt us or worry about something that might hurt us.


Since the body and brain don’t know the difference between reality and imagination, they react as if the thoughts were real – and the event is happening in the current moment.


Jeannie was already using the FasterEFT process to work with her subconscious mind, enabling her to reduce the emotions surrounding the trauma and abuse.


She then continued, changing all aspects of the memory, her ex-boyfriend, and other related memories that came up.


Jeannie says,

You guys need to realize, that we are 24/7 trigger happy human beings. We are in that constant state of stress. We don’t understand it because most of it is happening in our subconscious. And we are so overwhelmed by these symptoms that there is absolutely no telling where they are coming from. Working on only one significant traumatic memory can heal so much that it can be completely life altering. THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME! And you can learn to do it yourself for free at www.fastereft.com






Abuse and FasterEFT – Being Thorough

Jeannie shows us that anything is possible if you’re determined enough.


An important part in the success of using Faster EFT for sexual and emotional abuse memories and trauma is being thorough.


Robert talks about making sure that all references to the abuse are “flipped” or changed.


Jeannie didn’t stop when the emotions had reduced, or even when the negative emotions had gone altogether.


Rather, she continued using the process until the memory had actually changed to a positive one.


When you can no longer feel the emotions from the original trauma, that means it’s gone.


Your brain has changed the memories of the abusive event into positive ones.


The result?


Since the body follows the mind, she no longer suffered the debilitating emotions of fear, anger, and shame she had lived with prior to using FasterEFT.


Read original Facebook note here.


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