Overcoming Relationship Hardships eutaptics® FasterEFT™

Overcoming Relationship Hardships

Intimate relationships can be difficult at times. We may argue or get frustrated, and where there seems no mutual agreement to hope for with our significant others. Because of the challenges we face within the relationship this may result in splitting up. 

In this week's story of transformation we follow Anna, a Tap-Along participant who joined the monthly sessions for six months. She volunteered to be tapped on numerous times about her husband’s desire for divorce and how much stress and depression his decision was causing her. 

Anna and her husband Larry were together for multiple years with a child and even started their own business. When Anna came to Robert Gene she was already experiencing major marital problems. She did not speak much about why they were getting a divorce, only that her husband was trying to take everything from her. The business they once had together on private land was now being taken away from her by Larry.  She thought that they were 50/50 partners on the business and the land but she soon found out his name was on a majority of the business. Anna was heartbroken, she was still in love with this man, she had his child, and wanted to be with him forever, but it was not going to happen.

Have you ever been through a heartbreak so bad it feels like the weight of the world is on top of you? This is how Anna felt and all she could do is blame herself for the events leading to the divorce. She did not want to fight back because of the love she held for him. 

Anna broke into tears while she was being tapped on by Robert. She was broken, she talked about how recently Larry wanted to take their son and go out of the country with him. Anna did not want this to happen, she was so scared he was going to take their son away from her for good. Everything else was being taken away from her; the last thing she wanted was to lose her son. Robert Gene took a moment to help Anna calm down, relax, and then guided her through the eutaptics® FasterEFT™ process once again. The tapping allowed Anna to understand that if she did not want Larry to take their son, she would need to fight back. She would need to stand up to the man trying to take her entire world away from her. 

After all of the Tap-Along sessions that Anna volunteered to be tapped on, she came to realize that she was in love with a man who no longer loved her. Robert Gene helped Anna realize that she did have good memories with Larry and could continue cherishing them, regardless of Larry leaving her.Tapping away her own fears gave her the steadfastness not to let her son go out of the country until the divorce was final. 

The results from her hard work with Robert is that Anna felt like she could stand up to Larry. She felt less stressed, calm, motivated, and Anna was ready to take back control of her life and move on from her husband. Anna continues to participate in the Tap-alongs because the process can be used for the rest of her life for any problem she is set to face. She has also signed up for a private session with an advanced eutaptics® Professional to further empower herself.

Robert Gene’s training changes people's lives one step at a time. Each participant who volunteers in the weekly Tap-Along is guided by Robert through a step-by-step process by eliciting their emotional strategy and helps them realize that the frustration and stress is just a facade, and the problem is emotional escapism. I am sure there are issues you may face on a daily basis that cause stress, or emotional tension in relationships. The process Robert Gene created can be done quickly and anywhere. If you are interested in changing your life we offer multiple courses on our website created for multiple different issues like relationships, weight loss, PTSD, stress, abuse, anxiety and many more. If you are just interested in attending a Tap-Along on our website we offer month-long packages where people can gain access to four sessions in a single month. 

We only have one life, so make the changes now to improve your mind in order to live happier and healthier. If you do not make these changes you risk living with the stress, anxiety, emotional struggles, and an unhappy feeling that can affect your growth in life. 

As Robert Gene has said, “Peace is not the absence of conflict, It’s a state of being, a healthy attitude about the world, and self-regulation.”

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Amazing transformational story! Tap along sessions is a great platform to lern to get direction to take control of one’s life.


Amazing transformational story! Tap along sessions is a great platform to lern to get direction to take control of one’s life.


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