Pain Is but a Signal: A Guide to Finding the Source

Pain is “discomfort” and depending on the severity, it can be incapacitating. But what is the true nature of pain? If one investigates the nature of pain closely, it has been found that pain isn’t the root cause of the discomfort, but a signal that there is something wrong.

For example, a deep cut or a wound can be very painful and when you ask the help of a physician, the medical intervention will be focused NOT on the pain but the healing of broken tissues. Although you will be prescribed medications to help ease the discomfort, the focus will be either to stop the bleeding through sutures, or the application of topical medication to speed up the healing process and prevent infection.

Physical pain due to injury or broken tissues is much easier to address, because the source is quite obvious. However, we experience pain in many forms, some have invisible causes and it may take a long time before a doctor may find the root cause after eliminating pathophysiological reasons.

In most cases, a diagnosis will be a syndrome or chronic disorder with no known pathological origin and medical cure.

The other types of pain are emotional, psychological or mental pain. It has no bearing on an individual’s physical body and resides in the mind. A person may come out relatively physically healthy on all medical tests.

Such pain, although invisible in nature, is not to be taken lightly. Recently, modern psychology found that this is the precursor for the increase in suicide rates in most modern countries.

Usually, for the body to translate the emotional and mental torment, the body manifests it as physical pain. When it does, hardly any medication alleviates the pain. Some medications such as mild sedatives, may reduce the feelings but do not contribute to the person’s overall wellbeing and healing.

That is why most individuals suffering from chronic disorders and syndromes that are painful in nature seek the help of other types of healing modalities such as FasterEFT.

FasterEFT holds a complete and unmatched understanding about pain management and was able to liberate thousands of individuals suffering from various kinds of physical chronic pain issues, including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and many others.


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This is a simple guide on how you can be released from pain and locate its source:

1. The Tapping Process

Unlike energy psychology that employs tapping as one of their techniques in resolving issues, Faster EFT tapping is much more effective because it directly works with your mental programming. Pain being a mental signal is best resolved this way. As you tap along the suggested meridian points, you can easily break down the mental clutter and find the root cause of your issues.

The same tapping process when you locate any thoughts contributing to the structure of pain is used to weaken the programming and help reimprint the source.

In other words, since pain is a signal, FasterEFT is a technique that can find where the signal is originating from through the FasterEFT Tapping Style. If you are new to FasterEFT, please do not forget to take the 7 Day Quick Start Course for Free.

2. Getting an Advanced Practitioner to Help

In some cases, when self-application of FasterEFT is not working, talking to an advanced practitioner is the best alternative. There are thousands of FasterEFT practitioners globally who are ready to help you with recovery either through 1-on-1 sessions or video conferencing.

Browse the practitioner directory here or book a session directly with Robert G. Smith here.

3. Meditation with FasterEFT

Meditation can help ease whatever type of pain you may suffer from. But meditation itself could be a daunting task, especially if you are a novice meditator. FasterEFT is a great tool to help you get into a meditative state!

Since meditation requires a centered and focused thought, FasterEFT can help you achieve the goals of meditation by clearing your mind of the clutter. Boost the power of meditation using Faster EFT in addressing issues with pain.

Putting it altogether

Pain if not caused by pathophysiological issues such as viral and bacterial infection, broken bones or tissues, cannot exist if there is no mental source. To be liberated from the debilitating cycle of pain and discomfort, using FasterEFT is the most convenient, fast and self-applicable technique one can use.

Join thousands of people who are now pain-free and were able to locate the source of their pain, release it and live normal healthy lives.


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