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Pain is never JUST pain…

There is a common misconception that men have to be immune to things that aren’t inherently masculine. They must act a certain way, do certain things (like hunt, gather, and be strong). Heaven forbid they show any vulnerability or even worse, EMOTION!  There is just no time or space for that. 

I want to say, “that’s obviously not true,” but is it so obvious

Men of all ages experience more physical and mental pain than many people realize because they’ve taught themselves to hide it so well. That self-betrayal has been so normalized that they’ll force themselves into agonizing pain or deep depression just to avoid having to talk about how they feel. 

Right now we’re in a revolutionary time for mental and physical health. Thanks to generation “Why?” - Seeking out systems like eutaptics® FasterEFT™ that was designed specifically to help you overcome emotional roadblocks has become a priority! 

Finally! Finally, it’s no longer the norm to suffer in silence. It is time to step up and recognize that the topic of feelings - physical or emotional - isn’t so taboo anymore.

Take Mark for instance. Mark has been my favorite example of transformation on this topic thus far. He’s a perfect example of how being open and addressing those emotional roadblocks can help you in ways you never thought would be possible. 

When Mark started with eutaptics® FasterEFT™ he was insecure, depressed, stressed, felt a lingering sense of hopelessness, struggled to sleep, and to top it off he had constant pain in his neck and head. He was convinced that at his age, any one one of these things were justification enough to give up. Stop setting goals, stop trying, stop caring. 

He was inches away from throwing in the towel completely when he decided he would give himself some time to do a little research and see if anything could still be done for his discomfort. He started reading self-help books, he explored Youtube, and then… he found it. A video of Robert tapping. He watched testimonials and decided that he had nothing to lose. So he gave the 5-Day Free Course a go. 

That was it. He had found something that was at least giving him some results, but he wasn’t done there. Since he had seen all of these testimonials and he had started to feel small changes in his own situation, he knew that there was more to gain. He signed up for a few tap-alongs and the Happy Journal Training to give him a better understanding of how everything worked.  

Now Mark was finally starting to feel like he was on the right track. During one of the tap-alongs he volunteered to work directly with Robert as an example to the group. He explained that he had outlived everyone in his family and was afraid he was just waiting to die. 

“I’m going to be the next one,” He said. 

In the eutaptics® FasterEFT™ belief system, the very first question you should ask yourself is, “How do you know?”

So Robert asked him, “How do you know? How do you know that you’re the next one to die?” 

“The pain in my head. It’s so bad I can’t help my wife around the house anymore. I can hardly think.” 

Mark’s pain had become so unbearable it affected every part of his life and he was sure that was his sign. If six different pain pills a day couldn’t help him, then what would? 

What Mark didn’t understand at the time was that pain is never just pain. It is our body’s way of representing our experiences and his body was clinging to something deeper.

Together they discovered that in the complexities of Mark’s memories, he was holding onto his mother. Normally, holding onto our loved one’s memory would be a good thing, but in this case the memory was riddled with guilt. 

As they tapped, Mark revealed that at the time of his mom’s passing, it was his decision to let her go. In the past she had had multiple strokes and although she was living in a care facility, Mark was still doing everything he could to be there for her. For two years he had studied her condition, he had made suggestions on her care, he went above and beyond as a son. 

One evening he got a call that she had been rushed to the hospital and her situation was dire. The doctors told him that although she was still physically alive, the person as he remembered her was no longer there. He was told he could keep her alive in a state of suspension, or let her pass in peace. 

Of course he wanted to honor his mother by doing what she would have wanted, so he made the painful decision to have the doctors turn off the machines that were keeping her alive. He was immediately overcome with guilt… a guilt he held onto for years. He had pushed it down so far that it poured into his muscles and manifested into neck pain and headaches. 

As the weeks went on, Robert and Mark worked through the guilt. They tapped on each issue as they came up… and many different issues came up. It was as if a floodgate had been opened and Mark was riding the wave. He was pulling from far away memories spanning back years, to his current struggles within his marriage. 

He was learning things about not only himself, but his wife. After 50 years together, there was still so much that could be uncovered between them. Mark finds it hard to cope with his wife’s lack of intimacy (something that had been a point of contention since the start of their long marriage), while she seems to push further away the harder he tries. 

On hearing this, Robert was able to help him realize that he already had the answer within himself. Their love languages were different - his being physical touch and her’s being affirmations -  and if he wanted to improve his marriage he would have to make peace with that. 

So… That’s what he did. 

A few weeks passed and Mark returned for the next Tap-Along. But it wasn’t the Mark that was there before. This person was happy and hopeful. He looked healthier. There was something different about him. 

“I’ve been tapping.” He said. 

He tapped every time something bothered him. He tapped when he felt his neck getting tight. He tapped when his nerves flared up, when it was hard to be positive. You name it, he probably tapped on it. 

Mark was working on his health and his happiness through tapping on his own. He was proud to tell everyone that tapping had decreased his blood pressure, gave him more confidence in problem solving, and gave him the courage to forgive himself for things he would have normally beat himself up over. Although he was still struggling with some work related nerves and the occasional tightness in his back and head, his overall pain had reduced significantly. 

The reason this story is so profound to me is that Mark is so much like so many of the men I know and love. The strong, stoic type that shudders to think of even showing a moment of vulnerability. His willingness to set that aside and let others in to help him help himself is inspiring. 

I know that so many people, men and women alike, quietly struggle with depression, anxiety, PTSD and a myriad of other emotional trauma and it affects their whole lives. It doesn’t have to be that way. Your transformation is possible. More than that - it is WAITING for you. 

Changing memories, tapping, joining a supportive community of people who know what you’re going through… these are just a few of the things that eutaptics® FasterEFT™ has to offer you on your journey to success. 

All that you need to do is decide, like Mark and like thousands of others before you, if you’re ready to start living a better life. 

Visit our events page and check out our upcoming tap-along events and topics. If live events aren’t for you, we offer dozens of courses that can help you with everything from social anxiety to PTSD to weight loss.

No one can save you from yourself: the inner movies you play, the taunting things you say, the tormenting feelings you experience every day. Discover the art of redesigning your inner world. This is the greatest form of self-love.”

  • Robert Gene Smith

  • *** The names in this story have been changed to protect the privacy of those mentioned.

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