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Being nice to yourself can be a challenge for many people. How do you do it? We’ve curated a list of 12 articles that show you exactly what to do, how you can do it and what you’ll be able to achieve using FasterEFT, when it comes to being kinder to yourself.

Remember, once you change the inner records held within your subconscious mind, your image of yourself will change, and so will your attitude towards yourself.


How to keep your head on when everyone else is losing theirs! from Faster EFT on Vimeo.


  1. How to Love Yourself – FasterEFT and Robert G. Smith Can Help! This article is great for getting started on the journey to self love. It gives daily tips you can implement straightaway to start feeling better about yourself.
  1. FasterEFT Teaches How to be Good to Yourself This blog post gives a more detailed step by step approach on how you can use FasterEFT to be good to yourself. It’s easy, fast and effective!
  1. How the Way You Feel about Yourself Affects Your Life This is a great article about the power of having a good self image. A ‘good self image’ is one that exudes confidence, ambition, love, compassion and qualities of a leader. Most people have a negative self image, but using FasterEFT you can change that into an empowering one.
  1. Using FasterEFT to Free Yourself From Being People-Pleaser Trap! If you find yourself constantly trying to live up to other people’s expectations, then this article is for you. Stop tormenting yourself for not being what others think you should be. Instead, use FasterEFT and free yourself!
  1. Faster EFT Will Help Releasing Yourself from the Fear of Moving Forward Go easy on yourself. Don’t get complacent just because you’re plagued by self doubt and fear. This article will he over your limiting thoughts and beliefs and show you how you can move towards your dream using FasterEFT.


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  1. FasterEFT Shows You How To Free Yourself From Your Pet Peeves Everyone has those pesky little habits that they would love to get rid of but, try as they might, they can’t. Well this blog post will show you how!
  1. How to Free Yourself from Impatience This article discusses how impatience, though seemingly harmless, can actually negatively affect decisions you make and have an impact on your life overall.
  1. Start Loving Yourself with FasterEFT for that Beautiful Body FasterEFT will help you with body shaming issues, whether you’re doing it to yourself, or dealing with others doing it to you.
  1. Feeling Worthless? Allow FasterEFT to Boost Your Self-Worth Being kind to oneself starts within the mind. This article explains how you perpetuate this cycle of feeling worthless and how to break it using the FasterEFT techniques.
  1. Pack Your Bags – We’re Going on a Guilt Trip! There’s nothing worse you can do to yourself than living with guilt. Read this article if you want to free yourself of it once and for all.
  1. Responsibility vs Blame This article shows you how taking responsibility for everything you experience empowers you. It means that you are no longer at the mercy of elements outside of you and beyond your control.
  1. Becoming Immune to “Haters” Like Taylor Swift says in her hit song ‘Shake it Off’ – Haters gonna hate. So just shake it off! This article explains just how you can do that using FasterEFT.



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