Resolving Panic Attacks with Faster EFT

Tapping using FasterEFT can help with resolving sudden surges of overwhelming anxiety and fear known as panic attacks.

Panic attacks are symptoms of a bigger issue. Usually, the issue is rooted in a memory that evokes sudden fear causing an individual to become incoherent, feel feelings of extreme danger and feeling of withdrawal from normal activities.

Panic attacks can be resolved. While other mental healing modalities focus on providing temporary relief to the sudden surge of emotions, FasterEFT focus on eradicating the imprint or memory causing the issue. Permanent and lasting healing, that is what Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations is all about.

Normal Fears vs. Panic Attacks

Stress caused by fear is somehow relatively normal depending on an individual’s coping mechanism. As we go through life, it is of course normal to experience something that may evoke a stress response that makes us momentarily uncomfortable.

That isn’t bad at all because it is instinctual for the mind to produce a response to keep the body safe.

However, panic attacks strike out of nowhere or nothing. A feeling of overwhelming anxiety will take over a person to the point where they are psychologically and physically producing stress responses with unknown triggers.

Once an individual is experiencing repeat episodes of attacks, they are definitely experiencing fears outside the bounds of “normal”, but are suffering from panic disorder.

Recurring in nature, panic attacks cannot surface without a trigger, whether it is physical and tangible or imaginary and abstract.

Something perceived by the mind must be producing the response. A panic inducing memory may cause the feeling of grave danger and the inability to escape. A person may respond to any of these three responses – fight, flight, or freeze.

Signs and Symptoms of Panic Attacks

Chest pain




Choking feeling

Detached from surroundings

Moderate to severe sweating

Upset stomach

Feeling dizzy and incoherent

Tingling sensations

Hot and cold flashes

Fear of dying and extreme danger

Sometimes, panic attacks may feel like having a heart attack because the signs and symptoms are often similar to Myocardial Infarction (MI). It is important to rule out cardiac disorders before making an assumption that you are indeed suffering from panic disorder, so it’s best to get a cardiologist to check your heart condition


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Panic Disorder Signs and Symptoms

Anyone suffering from the following may be suffering from panic disorder:

  1. Frequent unexpected panic attacks that are not directly influenced by a specific situation.
  2. Unsettling feeling of worry about any danger that are not otherwise present.
  3. Sudden shifts in behavior. Avoiding situations, places and things that provoke a state of panic.

Panic attacks, as mentioned earlier, are episodes that may be recurring. Anything that can provoke one episode may leave a lasting imprint. If a panic attack is recurring, a person may begin to feel limited and this may spill across other areas of their lives.

The memory of intense fear felt during an attack may impact the mind and cause altered moods and responses even if that specific situation is not exactly the main cause.

Use of FasterEFT to Overcome Panic Disorders

Since panic disorders are rooted within the imprints or memories held within the mind as records serving as a reference to form a response, Faster EFT can help reimprint these memories.

Memory reimprinting is a highly-specialized technique that aims to release the emotions carried by imprints or memories. The release of these emotions will lead to an eventual collapse of the mental structure causing “panic” – which is rooted in fear and anxiety.

Stress responses are well understood in the FasterEFT belief system. Activate mental healing from panic disorders and control your stress responses using the FasterEFT technique.

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