Rewriting Your Past: Exploring Memory Reimprinting

Have you ever had a thought about rewriting your past? That you wish you had a magic wand so you could go back in time and change all your mistakes, regrets, pains and traumas into something more beautiful? We all have those moments, it’s a part of being human. However, there is a secret “wand” you can wave to rewrite your past, so that you can live a more beautiful life in the present and future. Sound too good to be true? Read on!

Let’s first examine what the past actually is. The past is just a series of events that happened at a point in time. We can’t return to it, nor can we actually physically change it. How then can we free ourselves from its stronghold? It’s important to realize that it’s not what you’ve experienced in the past that shapes you; it’s how you remember the past – your perception of it. You are not a product of your past. Different people experience the same events; but their subconscious interprets them differently – based on what it believes to be true.

That’s why two people can experience the same event physically, but remember it differently.

Changing Memories

Dare to Create Your Best Life

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The problems you have today, whether in health, finances or relationships didn’t start today. They are metaphoric representations of what you’ve experienced in the past. And while you cannot change the past itself, you CAN change how you represent it, through memory reimprinting. It is this representation that is causing your current experiences.

Rewriting your past can be done through memory reimprinting. This revolutionary Eutaptics process is the key to freeing yourself from emotional traumas, physical ailments, money problems and improving your overall quality of life. We, as humans, are for the most part completely oblivious to the way our past is represented in our subconscious. The reason for this is that the subconscious is the runs the show by prompting the brain to trigger certain physiological processes in the body, known as the “flight or fight” response.

These physiological processes create sensations – heart rate quickening, feeling nauseous, sweaty palms, trouble breathing, light headedness etc. and these sensations are then interpreted by the conscious mind. Memory reimprinting disrupts these physiological processes within your body to create a more harmonious reaction to whatever you are experiencing by rewriting your past reactions into positive ones.

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The conscious mind then uses logic and reasoning to give meaning to these sensations that the body is currently experiencing – and you make decisions based on these meanings. So if you, for example, as an adult, see a rabbit and break out into a cold sweat, because when you were a child you got startled by a rabbit, then your first instinct will be to run away from the rabbit, even though consciously you know rabbits are harmless creatures. Another adult might find rabbits adorable, and may even enjoy owning a few rabbits!

Rewriting your Past – How can you do it?

Although you can’t go back physically in time and make changes to the past, you can make changes to the data held in your subconscious – the information that your subconscious is referring to as it prompts your brain to trigger those physiological “fight or flight” processes in your body.
Take a moment to think about whatever it is that is bothering you the most right now. Notice how you feel when you think about it; do you feel anxious, sad, hurt, fearful, hungry? Whatever it is you are feeling, use the Eutaptics memory reimprinting technique to “flip” or change those memories, thus rewriting your past. Use the Eutaptics tapping technique until you have completely flipped the memory or issue.

What is memory reimprinting?

Changing a traumatic or negative memory from a negative experience to a positive experience won’t change the past, but it will change your perception of the present and future. Here’s why: if you think of your subconscious as the GPS, changing the input will automatically change the output. In other words, since most of us have not programmed the GPS consciously; it has been programmed by default through its own interpretation of our life’s experiences, it always makes us take action and make decisions based on that programming.

For example, if your subconscious contains a program that eating healthy is hard, and you’ve decided to eat better to get fit and healthy, you may find it easy to go to stick to the healthy diet at first; you may even be enthusiastic about it! But as you start to get closer to changing your eating habits, your subconscious will “correct the course” by causing you to feel lazy; prompting you to procrastinate, or have multiple cheat days where you eat unhealthy foods, signaling your organs to produce chemicals that make you feel anxious whenever you think about eating healthy, as if it’s a chore. Rewriting your past can become an uphill battle, with because mind will create an infinite number of distractions to make sure you don’t change your unhealthy eating habits because it is trying to protect you.

While you think you’re just unlucky, undisciplined, or lazy, the truth is your GPS is set to destination: eating healthy is hard work. And while that record is in place, no matter how hard you try to develop the habit of eating healthy, your subconscious will keep “correcting the course”.
Changing that original program is like changing the destination on your GPS – it will result in your subconscious automatically prompting you towards your goal. You will find you’re looking forward to cooking healthy meals; you’ll find that you’re feeling more energetic than you expected; you’ll find you’re able to stick to your healthy diet for longer and longer periods of time. All because your subconscious is affecting the way you feel and your choices in every moment.

When you use Eutaptics memory reimprinting to clear the emotional charge in a memory, as long as you keep going, you will notice the memory will often change on its own. You don’t necessarily need to consciously change it. As you continue to tap and alternate between the memory that bothers you and a peaceful memory, you will start to notice that the feelings, visuals and audio in the memory that bothers you change, you are rewriting your past. Look at the expressions on the faces of other people in the memory, as well as your own expression; and notice how, as you keep tapping and checking back, the expressions change. The characters in your memory are now smiling; those who hurt you are now loving you.

The key is to remember that your past is all in your own mind, so you can allow it to change. There is no need to keep the bad stuff. It is no longer happening, it is just you replaying the past in your own mind. Rewriting your past can be one of the most liberating experiences of your life, or you can entertain yourself with the bad stuff by doing nothing. Choose to change it using Eutaptics memory reimprinting and entertain yourself with good stuff instead – and see the transformation in your life in the knock-on effect.

Now that you know the power of memory reimprinting and the effect it will have on your life, pick one to try the process on. Pick a memory that bothers you, and use the Eutaptics tapping technique to tap until it flips, thereby rewriting your past. You’ll be amazed at the results!

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