She Was a Seeker… and It Led Her to Her Best Days Yet.

She Was a Seeker… and It Led Her to Her Best Days Yet.

Sharon was a seeker. She sought out relationships. She sought out adventure. She sought out cures for this and that. When she developed depression in her adult life, she sought out ways to numb the pain with excessive drinking.

Her life wasn’t going as she had planned and as she put it, “It was miserable, honestly.” 

Her body was in pain, she had an injury that needed surgery, and her emotional well-being was sinking deeper and deeper. It seemed like the more she tried fixing it, the worse it got. 

As her depression worsened and the self-medication wasn’t doing its job, she sought out every therapy, medicine, and self-help modality there was. While those things did make her feel good for a time and the experiences she gained from those are ones she doesn’t regret, they weren’t what she was ultimately looking for. They were an expense of her time she wouldn’t get back. 

Knowing in her heart that something more was out there, something that could help her find the tools she needed to get out of the darkness she found herself in, she turned to Youtube, of all things. It was surfing that site that brought her to a video of Robert that peaked her interest. 

Somehow, everything finally made sense. What he was saying about life, memories, eutaptics® FasterEFT™, all of it really made sense! But what really grabbed her attention more than anything was when Robert said, “It’s one thing to know this stuff… you can know this stuff back and front, but your life still won’t change. It’s knowing how to put it into practice, how to change your memories to better YOUR outcomes that makes all the difference.” 

Sharon made the choice then to not just know the tools, but to use the tools. So she signed up for “You Can Change Yourself Master Training” and almost immediately she started to see changes. 

The surgery she had been dreading was coming up, and her deep fear of needles prevented her from wanting to get it. Just the very sight of needles would make her faint. After working with Robert, she was able to go into this life changing event with a new sense of peace about it all. Her fainting spells had gone and the surgery went well. 

With more confidence than ever, she went through the rest of the certification trainings, even taking a couple of them more than once! For Sharon, nothing has impacted her greater than eutaptics® FasterEFT™. Even her friends have seen dramatic changes, remarking that she went from high strung and depressed, to really easy going. She looks and feels better than she ever had. Even her hair is growing in thicker and faster! She is finally in a place where her body feels healthy, and her mind is clear of clutter. 

Sharon shares her experience with anyone who will listen, even bringing her practice to work with her, often asking her co-workers if they’ve “done the work” on past memories. 

Her dedication to improving all areas of her life has expanded past her eutaptics® FasterEFT™ Certification Training, and she now attends the monthly tap-alongs and weekend web-events. In her words, “Watching others work on themselves, I am able to see changes that bring me such joy. It also helps me see things that maybe I need to work on. It’s the real time changes that are so incredible to see, that’s why I keep coming back.” 

Sharon’s transformation is one that inspires many, as it should. It’s not easy to dig yourself out of a hole and come out on top. Bravo to Sharon and all of her hard work and dedication to making the world a more peaceful and happy place. It all starts with yourself. Like the ripple effect, one shift can change everything! 

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