Sometimes You Find Success in the Things that Scare You… A Story of Transforming Fear with eutaptics® FasterEFT™

Sometimes You Find Success in the Things that Scare You… A Story of Transforming Fear with eutaptics® FasterEFT™

It’s natural to be afraid of things you’ve never done before. Good or bad, exciting or not, your body will flood you with adrenaline and the come down from that either leads you to joy or stress. 

Some people seek out that feeling, while others spend their lives trying to avoid it. Oftentimes, to their detriment. 

Tina was the latter. When Robert first met Tina, she was in a bad way. She was struggling with money, self-esteem, stress, fear, you name it. She was in a toxic relationship that made her feel trapped, but the comfort of knowing she had somewhere to call home (even if that home was on unsteady ground) was enough to keep her feeling a tiny bit of accomplishment. In her head, at least she wasn’t living with her parents. 

She had been working a job that was admittedly fulfilling, but didn’t provide her with the financial ability to stand on her own two feet. For this reason, she relied heavily on her partner for a lot of her stability. 

One day she came across eutaptics® FasterEFT™ and saw that a live event was taking place in the area. She didn’t have the money outright to attend, but when she saw that the theme of the event was creating abundance in one’s life, she decided she had to go. The thought that someone would be able to teach her how to create prosperity was too much to pass up, so she scrounged the money together and went to the workshop. 

Planning the weekend was stressful. She was worried about the cost of the workshop, then the cost of the hotel, then the cost of meals and transportation… Tina had to talk herself into every expense. But Tina was determined and asked the universe for assurance that she was doing the right thing. As soon as she arrived at the hotel, something incredible happened that would prove to her that she was on the right track. 

Upon checking into her hotel, the clerk informed her that her room had been upgraded to a king suite. In an instant her fears started to subside. She was enveloped by this feeling of “I am worthy. I am worthy of living in abundance.” 

She didn’t know it then, but that weekend would change her life. 

A year after her first introduction to eutaptics® FasterEFT™, Tina watched back a video of herself and was able to see just how dramatically her life had changed in that time. 

The first thing she noticed was her outward appearance. Her hair was different, her clothes were different. She could see just from the video that who she was then and who she was a year later were two different people. So much had changed for her as a result of her participation in the weekend workshop. 

During the workshop, Robert asked her, “What do you want money for?” She jokingly replied, “To pay my rent,” as if that was all she wanted money to do. 

However, through her sessions she realized that she really did have a huge fear of becoming homeless, which directly contributed to staying at a job that paid minimally and a relationship that felt like jail.

After a few months, and with the courage she got from her sessions with Robert, she finally worked up the nerve to leave the relationship. It was scary and new, but she moved her things into her parent’s shed and went traveling. 

In her words, “[While I was traveling] I realized that I was in fact homeless… but when I looked around me and saw that I was in a fancy hotel drinking cocktails on the beach, that my biggest fear  in life had come true and it was actually really pretty… In that moment I was living in abundance and I let go of that fear. That day I let go of many fears because I thought, ‘If all my fears showed up, they might all look this pretty.’”

When she returned home, she stayed with her parents - which at first she thought was going to be devastating - however she discovered that her relationship with her parents had dramatically improved. She was able to see them in a different light, and vice versa. Now she feels like she is getting things from them she didn’t have as a child. 

Not only had the year passed in such an unexpected way, but she had returned to complete her certification training. On the last day, she was shaking… Having the certificate in her hand was life changing. For herself, and because she knew taking that into her career meant she could use this life changing work to help others. 

With the confidence she gained during her training, she decided it was time to leave the center she was working at and start seeing clients from home. Since the center took half of the money she made per client, that decision alone earned her twice what she was making before. 

Now, she is making more money than she ever had, her health is improved, her mental health is healing more and more each day, and she is finally getting things from her relationships that she had never had before. 

Tina truly is living a life of abundance. 

If you want to experience big changes in your life and finally understand what it feels like to overcome fear and step into abundance, join me this Sunday, January 15th at 12 PM CST USA, for “Mind Over Money: the Key to Ultimate Abundance.” 

You can watch Tina tell her own story at the links below. See the amazing transformation from the first to the second video with your own eyes! 

Tina’s first experience with eutaptics® FasterEFT™:

One year later:

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