Tap Your Way To Discovering Your Purpose

This year (yes, right now, 2017) can be your year for major personal transformations and life changes.  Eutaptics, an offshoot of FasterEFT, is so much more than the phrase alone, healing modality.  It’s about clearing out the clutter in your mind.  It’s about aligning yourself to the ultimate destination of discovering your true purpose.  When you’re swamped with problems left, right and center, it can seem impossible at times.  However, here’s the good news:  You don’t have to wait for anything outside of yourself to change.  You can rebuild and transform your life from within yourself.  Invest in yourself with time and attention to the FasterEFT – Eutaptics modalities, and we’ll give you the tools to change your outlook and your life.

Knowing and discovering your purpose can be a huge challenge.  Sometimes your purpose is thrust upon you; other times, you have to play it by ear.  You may think, “Do I even have a purpose?”  Everyone does, but may not know how to recognize it.  Even then, utilizing and accepting it is just as challenging, and as important.  Your life’s purpose may lean more towards the spiritual side.  Or, perhaps, it’s more material.  Wherever you are within this wide spectrum, it’s all achievable.

The Eutaptics belief system includes the knowledge that discovering your purpose is something you have the power to create, sustain and achieve.  When your mind is free from worry, fear and anxiety, it creates a vacuum for new ideas to flood in, allowing new sources of abundance to open up.  Your results include gaining a refreshing, new outlook on life.

Like others, you may fear that right now there are just too many obstacles in the way.  You may tell yourself there are too many problems, concerns, other responsibilities, etc.  You may begin to believe you will never find the time or knowledge to actually experience the true, personal transformations you so dearly desire.  It is time for you to know this: The only obstacle is your own mind.

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A major obstacle to discovering your purpose is thinking you have to follow the rules, or beliefs turned into facts by the subconscious, dictated by others’ realities or beliefs.  This may be a well-practiced belief system learned from -and reinforced by- important people in your life.  These folks often include people like parents, your spouse, your partner, your kids, pastor, family, etc.  Remember: your own personal purpose should be your main concern.  How do you change well-reinforced but false belief systems?  When you free yourself from the fear of accusation or rejection and from the constant practice of trying to please everyone – life will be good!

Discovering your purpose isn’t something that is written in the stars!  It’s something Eutaptics will help you figure out for yourself, one step (and tap) at a time.  Similar to taking a road trip in dense fog, with only a few visible feet in front of you, discovering your purpose in life is difficult at first to see clearly as well.

Why is having a purpose in life so important?

The answer is: self empowerment and happiness with life!  Knowing exactly what you want will allow you to feel on top of the world.  You’re then able to feel truly happy, free and powerful.  There’s no feeling like knowing, “Yes! This is what I was meant to do, to be and to have.  I did it!”

If you’ve been desiring these accomplishments in your own life, but not yet able to achieve, Eutaptics is for you.  Using the Eutaptics tapping technique, you can clear out the junk from your thoughts which is holding you back.  You’ll be able to finally let go and allow your mind to accomplish your true wish: discovering your purpose.

What is the Eutaptics tapping technique?

The Eutaptics tapping technique is designed to change references that result in problems affecting all areas of life held in the subconscious mind.  Any problem ever existing in your life has a memory or record within your subconscious mind powered by feelings.  Feelings are what make a problem a problem; emotions are what cause a situation to be considered a problem, not the situation on its own.  How you decide to feel about something determines whether it’s a cause for negative reactions or not.   Your feelings on your perceived problem are what make the problem real.

For example, one person may despise tattoos and feel angry just at the site of them.  Another person may enjoy tattoos.  In fact, that person they love them.  In each of these cases, the subconscious is referencing a record that connects having tattoos with either negative meanings or positive meanings.  The brain then signals organs to produce the corresponding chemicals to create either positive or negative emotions.

How it works

Eutaptics tapping technique interrupts the signal between the brain and organs by focusing on the meridian points connected to those organs.  The technique then rewrites, or reimprints, the reference or memory associated with that trigger.  As we’ve learned, when it comes to discovering your purpose, frustration is a common emotion.  By using Eutaptics tapping technique however, you’ll be able to disrupt the production of chemicals causing negative feeling of frustration.  In doing so, you’ll learn to transform those undesired emotions, like frustration or doubt, to helpful feelings such as excitement, motivation and future progress.  You’ll learn to identify and link your own positive emotions toward your goal.  Ultimately, this will allow you to experience the results of retrained and reinforced feelings of empowerment and fulfillment when considering and moving toward your true purpose in life.

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Other Benefits of Discovering Your Purpose

Once proper tapping is learned and practiced, you not only gain mental and spiritual benefits.  You’ll also begin to enrich your life with health benefits.  In May of 2014, Patrick L. Hill and Nicholas A. Turiano of journals.sagepub.com found and documented, “Having a purpose in life has been cited consistently as an indicator of healthy aging for several reasons, including its potential for reducing mortality risk.”*  Eutaptics aims to equip you with skills that promote a happy brain through teaching techniques that reduce the risk of stress-related illnesses.

Your reaction, good or bad, to any crisis directly impacts the body’s physiology and overall health.  Learning and practicing the Eutaptics tapping technique will give you the tools needed to manage difficult situations in healthy, positive ways.  You’ll be able reduce the amount of stress you put yourself, and sometimes others.  A key take away here is that learning to feel great about discovering your purpose in life -and then implementing it- is a direct connection to enriching and prolonging your life.

Discovering your purpose in life psychologically rewires the mind.  By discovering and practicing Eutaptics tapping technique, you will begin to instruct your mind to signal your thoughts and feelings toward  the appropriate healing and recovery process for your body.  Training the brain to fire impulses that promote healing and recovery instead of the “fight or flight” stress chemicals, will enable you to improve all aspects of your life.

Reference: http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0956797614531799

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