The mechanics of the FasterEFT addiction program

Most of our problems are borne out of our inability to deal with our problems. It’s because we don’t know how to deal with our problems, so we are addicted to feeling bad. So if you’re upset, angry, frightened etc. what do you do? You can go yell at someone, beat someone up, light a cigarette, get a drink, do drugs, call up a friend and complain about your life, cry while watching a sad movie – you can do all those things, but where does all that negative emotion really go? The FasterEFT addiction program has a permanent resolution. 


Why do some people become addicted?

Addictions are programs. Just like all of our unconscious behaviors, desires, fears, and compulsions, addictions are the result of the programs we carry in the subconscious. These programs are the result of your past. The reason you have problems in your life, is because of your experience with people in the past. People who were just like you, who had their own problems and couldn’t understand how to deal with their own problems. They could be your mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, grandparent, someone who picked on you at school – whoever.

The FasterEFT addiction protocol understands that the subconscious has made a connection between the feeling created when using the substance, and joy, peace, relief, love, security – or any other positive emotional state.

Your brain and body have become conditioned to produce endorphins and other feel good chemicals when you abuse substances such as opioids, heroin, cocaine etc. Other people may not have that connection; they may have a connection between exercise or food, and those positive emotional states.



The FasterEFT Addiction Protocol

An important key to realize about addiction is that it is physiological, not mental. That is why willpower and using conscious reasoning doesn’t work.  In order to change the compulsion to do substance abuse, you need to change the cause – the original records in the subconscious that are prompting your brain and body to produce the chemicals that cause the compulsion for the activity.

So even though you know consciously how bad doing drugs is for the body, it can be very difficult – even impossible – to break the habit using willpower. Even the treatments that are available like drug rehabilitation centres, that help some people to don’t work for everyone.

The FasterEFT addiction protocol understands that for those who have tried to stop using drugs, but have still not managed to succeed in breaking the habit, it can seem hopeless. The truth is, there is something else going on besides a physical addiction to drugs.

While the conscious mind may have good intentions and be determined to quit doing drugs – and physical treatments are being used to help break the addiction – the subconscious has “proof” that the body needs to get a rush, the kind you get from doing drugs. And the conscious mind is no match for the subconscious. In order to stop doing drugs naturally and permanently, you need to change the subconscious records that are supporting the need to do drugs. The FasterEFT addiction protocol lets you do that.

For example:

Laura has been trying to quit doing drugs for a year. Willpower didn’t work for her. Neither did rehab, going to church, moving to another city. However, although each of these methods seemed to work for a short period of time (to varying degrees), she just couldn’t help herself from going back to abusing drugs.

She found that she was most likely to start the habit again when she was feeling stressed. She argued that doing drugs helped to calm her nerves and made her feel more in control. As far as Laura was concerned drugs had a physical effect on her body that calmed her immediately.

What Laura’s conscious mind is unaware of is that her subconscious has made a connection that is causing her reliance on drugs – and it is not what she would think.

When she was a little girl, she struggled at school, and was bullied. Although neither of her parents were drug addicts, she had an aunt that used to do drugs. Since Laura’s parents both worked, she would go to her aunt’s home after school until it was time for her parents to get home from work.

Laura had a close relationship with her aunt, and although her aunt took no action to stop the bullying, she would listen to Laura and comfort her as she described what had happened at school. Laura would feel great relief, comfort, and love as she sat on the couch with her aunt, looking into her caring, kind eyes. Her aunt would have one arm around the little girl, and be doing drugs simultaneously.

Years later, as a teenager, Laura had a boyfriend who did drugs, and she felt that same comfort and love as she did with her aunt

Although her conscious mind had not made the connection between the love and comfort of her aunt and the drugs, her subconscious had created a very powerful connection. Although Laura did not start doing drugs while she was with her boyfriend, when he broke up with her, she felt an overwhelming desire to try drugs. She found it helped her to feel better – calmer. And so, her addiction began.

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