The Truth Behind Your Money Problems

Money problems come in all shapes and sizes. Some people can’t make enough. Some people are afraid of making too much. Some people spend every penny that comes in. Others put everything in savings and refuse to spend money, even when it’s needed. Some people go on lavish vacations while their house is about to go into foreclosure. Others live in the same tiny house they were born in while their money piles up in the bank. None of these people are in a healthy relationship with money. 

The Truth Behind Money Problems

Regardless of what money problems you may have – the source of the money problems is in your subconscious.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because money problems have the same cause as all other problems: the records (memories) held in the subconscious.

Have you noticed that some people are “good” with money, while others are not? Or that some people are “lucky” and others are not?

While circumstances often appear to be the problem, different people seem to get different results from the same circumstances. Let’s look at what’s going on behind the scenes…

It’s Not About the Money


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It can be difficult to stay afloat when you’re faced with financial challenges. No matter what your money issues are, the most effective way to solve them is using eutaptics®/FasterEFT.

 Ask yourself how you how do you know you have a money problem:

  1. Can’t seem to stop using your credit card even when you know you’re racking up debt?
  2. Can’t resist shopping?
  3. Can’t afford the things you want?

 It may be that your expenses are always higher than your income. Or, it may be that you keep being turned down for higher-paying jobs.

 How Do You know It’s A Problem

Step #1: How do you feel about not being able to resist spending money you don’t have? Think about how it feels before you do it, and how does it feel during and after you’ve done it?

 Step #2: How do you feel when you think about charging for your services? What does not having enough money to pay your bills feel like?

 Step #3: How does it feel when you’re turned down for those jobs that pay more?

Notice the feeling itself. You don’t necessarily need to be able to put a name to it, just notice how it feels inside yourself.

Next, think back – when have you felt this same feeling in the past?

It may not have anything to do with money (in fact, it probably won’t have anything to do with money), but it will be the same feeling.

 Let’s look at a couple of real-life stories:

Andy’s story

How do I know I have a money problem?

I never seem to be able to earn enough to be comfortable. I only just scrape by each month, with no extra money to go out with friends, or to do all the things I want to do.

 How does that feel?

I feel left out and frustrated. I don’t understand why I can’t make more money.

I’m working hard, but each time I apply for a higher-paying job, I’m turned down – even though the interview seems to go really well and it looks like I’ll get it. Constant high hopes and then disappointment.

 What are my earliest memories of this feeling?

When I was in junior school, I really wanted to be on a sports team – I wanted to be included in a team with friends. 

But, every time I’d train and think I was ready, I’d try out for a team, and be turned down. I kept trying, and worked so hard, but it didn’t seem to matter.

It’s the same feeling of being left out; the same feeling of frustration; the same feeling of constantly hoping and thinking it’s going to happen, and then disappointment.

At home, my father was very hard to please.

No matter what I did, it was never good enough. I can only remember two occasions when he said “Well done.” but on both of those, he added “But you can do better.”

He thought he was pushing me to achieve higher standards; but the truth is, it just felt like there was no hope of ever being enough.

It’s the same feeling of trying so hard, doing what I believe is expected of me, and then disappointment; the same feeling of frustration and being left out or rejected.


Barbara’s Story

How do I know I have a money problem?

I’m a hopeless shopaholic! I’ve really tried, but it feels like a compulsion.

No matter what decisions I make to stick to a budget, in the moment – when I feel the need to spend money on something I know I shouldn’t – my mind comes up with reasons why I should.

 So, I’m never able to save up for emergencies because I keep spending what I save.

How does that feel?

In the moment when I’m shopping, I feel a mixture of good and guilty, but I give myself good reasons why I need to spend that money. Afterwards, I always feel so frustrated, guilty and disappointed with myself, but I just can’t seem to stop.

 It feels like I’m trapped and have no control over what I’m doing at those times.

 What are my earliest memories of this feeling?

I don’t have any specific memories, but I can remember that feeling of helplessness and the trapped feeling. My parents argued a lot – all the time.

 They would yell hateful things at each other, and the animosity between them was palpable. When I was older, I would stay out as much as possible; but when I was young, I was trapped.


My grandmother, who lived with us, would sometimes take me out with her to the store while they were arguing. On those occasions I felt relief and happiness, but mixed with guilt and worry that they were still attacking each other back home.

My grandmother would always buy me a little treat; and whenever I was with her at the store during those times, I felt loved.

What Next?

In each of these cases, their subconscious interpreted (and recorded that interpretation) of their life experiences and linked them with certain physiological states – which have been, in turn, interpreted by the conscious mind.

Andy and Barbara need to work on those early memories, using eutaptics®/FasterEFT. As they rewrite the memory, they will be disconnecting and rewiring the neural networks that provide the structure for their current problems.


If Andy uses eutaptics®/FasterEFT to rewrite his memories – to where his dad is actually proud of him, and brags about him to his friends; and he rewrites his memories of being turned down for the sports teams at school, to where every team wants him – his subconscious will have new records to refer to.

Instead of referring to the “proof” it currently holds that he is not good enough, it will be referring to the “proof” (the rewritten memories) that he is worthy and appreciated.

This means that his subconscious will be prompting his brain to trigger different chemicals – which will mean his conscious mind is interpreting different impulses and sensations – causing him to make different decisions, take different actions, communicate differently, and give a different impression to those around him.

And that will change the results he experiences in all areas of his life – including work and finances.


Barbara uses eutaptics®/FasterEFT to rewrite her memories of her parents’ arguments, and her trips to the store with her grandmother.

 Although she doesn’t have specific memories, the fact that she knows about the arguments, the trapped feelings, and the feeling of love from her grandmother whenever they went to the store, means that these experiences are represented in her subconscious in some way.

 So, she works with what she knows.

She notices how she knows that her parents argued – and she uses eutaptics®/FasterEFT to rewrite that knowledge, to where her parents are loving and fun. She also uses eutaptics®/FasterEFT to separate the feelings of love from her grandmother, and receiving the treats at the store.

Through this process, her subconscious changes the connection between love and shopping, to love and her grandmother – where it belongs. This means her subconscious is now referring to new records, and is no longer prompting her brain to trigger her body to crave the “hit” from spending money.

 She feels loved and safe inside herself because she has new “proof” inside her subconscious that the love came from her grandmother, not from the store or the treats. This frees her from the trap of spending money compulsively.

You Can Do It Too with eutaptics®/FasterEFT!

You can do the same thing with money issues.

Whatever challenges you’re experiencing regarding money, you could not be experiencing them if there was no structure in your subconscious that supported them.

 If you’re experiencing it, your subconscious contains “proof” of some kind.

You may not know what that proof is – and fortunately, you don’t need to know, since eutaptics®/FasterEFT works directly with the subconscious – simply notice what you do know; that is how you aim.


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