There’s Nothing Wrong With You

Have you ever asked yourself: “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I ______?” or “What’s wrong with me? Why do I always _________?”

Have others asked you: What’s wrong with you?

The truth is, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Now, that may sound like I just don’t know you; but continue reading, and you’ll realize why I’m saying there is nothing wrong with you.

The great news is you are functioning perfectly effectively, and the reason you are not getting the results you want is simply that the settings you currently have in your subconscious are set for the results you’re getting.

In order to get different results, you will need to change the settings. And there’s a very effective, fast, easy way to do that.      

Printing Typos  

If you print a document from your computer, and there are typos in that document, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the computer or the printer.

It simply means you need to go back to the document on the computer and correct the typos; then when the document prints again, you’ll see on paper exactly what you see on the screen.

You are the same.

What you are experiencing in your life is what is on your “screen” or in your subconscious. When you change that, you’ll see the changes in your own behavior, choices, and experiences.You are simply “printing” what is in your subconscious.

Unlike using a computer, we can’t see into our subconscious, which is why we are unaware of what is stored in it, and how that is affecting us.

Fortunately, we don’t need to be able to see inside it in order to change the records.

Making Real Changes  

Imagine you have the printer in front of you, but the computer is in another location, and the person who is at the computer speaks a language you don’t speak or understand.

They can understand your language but they don’t speak it.

You see the documents printed out in front of you, and you can see they are not what you want. You need changes made.

But you are not at the computer – you can’t see the screen; so you call the person who is in front of the computer, and you explain to them what it is you need changed. They can understand you, and so they start making the changes you need on the computer, and you can see the results as the pages print in front of you.

Because you don’t understand their language, they can’t tell you why those “errors” are there, or who typed them in; but luckily it doesn’t matter.

 They can make the changes to the documents without you knowing that information.

 Sometimes they may send you an email with a photograph that may give clues as to what other information may have been entered into the documents or programs that are connected to the pages you’re seeing coming out of the printer that may need changing.

 And you can then ask them to make those changes too.

 These are the memories and thoughts that come to you from your subconscious that may be connected to specific issues or problems you are currently experiencing.

 While this is not a perfect analogy, it does explain how you can make changes to the records your subconscious holds; and as a result, you will see the changes automatically “printing out” in your behavior, choices, relationships, the actions you take, how you feel, and everything else you experience.

 How You can Make Permanent, Effective Changes  

The FasterEFT technique is the way in which you can ask that person in front of your computer (your subconscious) to make the changes to the original documents (the records and memories it holds) which will then result in changes in the pages that are printing in front of you (your current experiences).

 Once those changes are made to the original document, all future print-outs of that document will reflect the changes – the errors will not reappear on their own.

As you make the changes to your subconscious records and memories using FasterEFT, all future experiences referenced by those records and memories will be changed.

Those particular problems will not reoccur because the original “document” has been changed.

Fast and Effective  

So, no matter what is “wrong” in your life, you are working perfectly effectively – based on what the original documents hold inside your subconscious.

To change your own behavior, choices, ambitions, motivation, inspiration, creativity, and everything else, you simply need to change those original memories.

It’s time to create the life you want. Start rewriting those documents (memories) today with Level 1 Online.

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