Top 5 FasterEFT Relationship Success stories – November 2017

At first, the idea of finding true love or bettering your relationships with loved ones using a technique like Faster EFT may seem insane; but as you watch these videos, you will gain an understanding of how you can use FasterEFT to improve all types of relationships.


The key to using this technique to improving your relationships is the same as using it for other transformations – your health, wealth, finances, overall well being etc.


Following the advice here, you have the opportunity to live a life with the person of your dreams, bonding with your spouse, rekindling a dying marriage, building a new one, becoming best friends with your children or understanding your parents.


But you do need to be prepared to do what it takes if you really want to improve your relationships.


  1. FasterEFT changed and revolutionized their marriage.


They’ve been married for 17 years, but according to Dr. Jeffers, he’s more in love with his wife now, than he was when they first got married.


Listen to their story here:



This is Tiffany Jeffers original story of struggle and triumph with FasterEFT:


2. Susan broke the cycle.

It seemed like every relationship was doomed to failure until Susan changed herself by letting go of what she did not want and focused on what she did want.


Watch her story:


3. Men issues resolved!

Helen worked on her “men issues” using FasterEFT tapping.


A year later, she’s in a happy, healthy and loving relationship!


Watch her story here:



4. Bhagyashri Siddharth Sharangpani’s life fell around her when her husband died.


She wanted to die too, but she found Faster EFT and started using it on her self, freed herself from depression, grief, and started working on others for free.


Now she is working in the Corporate world and going to drug rehab programs to help others.


Her whole life has changed in so many ways.


Read about her story here.


Listen to her incredibly moving story here:


5. The so called ‘never ending divorce’ is resolved after seven years after being tapped on by Robert G. Smith.   


Once you release your fears you can then do what it takes to be free.


Listen to her story here:



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