Transform Your Hate into Kindness and Never Be Lonely Again

To transform hate into kindness seems like a farfetched idea for most people. But it can be done, or in most cases, it must be done. To hate something or someone, puts you at the losing end. You attract the very same thing you resist, because in all probability, you have that same resentment within.

Hating anyone or anything makes you create more of it in your life experience and you are guaranteed to feel frustrated, angry and a myriad of other negative emotions. FasterEFT can help you turn it around, transform hate into loving kindness which actually puts you in a greater understanding on what reality is.

In most western cultures, to use the word hate appears to be normal, often it is the reason why it seems we are divided in so many ways. But it doesn’t have to be.

The line that separates love and hate is dangerously thin. It appears that it is the one emotion that traps us into not enjoying the joyful truth in every experience.

In our mind’s caverning sorting system, the bipolarity of love and hate seem to not allow any other choice. It’s always you hate it or you love it. Intense. Extreme.

What FasterEFT can help you with is to explore the thin line that divides these two extreme emotions. For within the thin line of loving and hating resides our ability to be kind and accept diversity.

The following are reasons why you must transform hate into kindness and how FasterEFT can help you achieve it:

1. Absence of Hate Produces Health

People who practice kindness and know how to release hate the moment it exposes itself into their experience live longer and happier lives. Hate produces a stress response which opens the body to health risks.

A constant state of stress sends torrents of chemicals rushing into your bloodstream, at a time when there is no real danger. It narrows our perception on what is really happening while the chemistry of the body changes, giving a window for a broad spectrum of illnesses to manifest.

The majority of doctor’s visits for consultation on physical illnesses are stress related. In other words, to hate is toxic not only to the mind, but to every single cell in our body.

2.  Kindness Make Us Feel Good

When we turn hate into kindness, we do not just free our minds from mental strains causing stress, but we actually allow positive emotions to come in. If you want to be the light in a dark room, this can easily be achieved by changing your mindset on the many things you hate.

Practicing kindness makes your mind produce a sort of a “high” feeling as it elevates “feel-good hormones.” On a biochemical level, researchers prove that our brains’ versions of chemicals that are achieved through medications and drugs can be achieved simply by being kind.

In practicing FasterEFT, one would notice that the collapse of toxic mindsets actually places the mind into a state of pure positivity, boosting creativity and unparalleled ability to recognize opportunities for success. Which brings us to the next point –

3. Kind People are Successful People

Genuine compassion creates genuine success. Compassionate people can sustain success and create more of it. While others who harbor hate are bound to mediocre versions of success.

This is because a kind person attracts the same and it can help propel them to a build a network of genuine people who wish only the best for themselves and others.


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4. Kindness Boosts Creativity

Kind people are naturally creative, not only in the arts but also in solving simple to complex life problems. Kindness is the one act that can free us from boxed ideas of how the world works.

With toxic mindsets collapsed, the mind is naturally tapped into the creative power that creates worlds. Toxic mindsets are guaranteed to produce stress and stress can cause the mind to be unable to think outside the box or in most cases, magnify a problem out of proportion, so much so that it becomes the only thing that dominates the consciousness.

Turning Hate into Kindness Through FasterEFT

Every single time, without fail, that you think of hating anything or anyone, your mind is withdrawing your “hate response” from an imprint or a memory held within deeper consciousness. To hate is extreme, you may want to think otherwise that it is not your preferred situation or thing. This is the thin line you might want to explore where kindness resides.

To explore this line, whether what you are experiencing is unpleasant or pleasant, is to eradicate the mindset that keeps you trapped. The FasterEFT process can help you locate the primary imprint carrying the negative emotions producing hate, and help you dissolve it.

As you tap along the recommended acupressure or meridian points, you stop the stress response produced by the memory. As your perception about the situation is altered, your mind is in a state allowing better thoughts with positive emotions to be more dominant.

This is the idea behind memory reimprinting, to change what your mind perceives as “what is” to “what it REALLY is” and “what it can be.”

It gives you the power to choose kindness over hate, peace over chaos and love over anger. For if you allow your natural negative responses, you are bound to lose.

Win any situation, win your life – that is what FasterEFT is truly all about.


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