Transforming Emotional Trauma to Mental Strength

Emotional abuse and trauma is one of the most devastating challenges to live with. It affects every area of life since it changes the core of who an individual is. For someone who has suffered an emotional trauma, life is never the same after any kind of abuse, whether emotional, sexual or physical, and FasterEFT produces fast, lasting results that allow healing.

Since FasterEFT works with the subconscious to address the original memories of the events, it changes the effects of the abuse from the core, rather than dealing only with the symptoms. It also allows the individual to heal themselves without needing to keep reliving the experience.

Case in Point

Let us use an example. Martha had suffered extreme and ongoing sexual abuse and emotional trauma in her past. As she grew up, she started repressing those memories in order to protect herself emotionally from all that pain. That led to a number of physical, psychological and financial problems in her adult life.

Someone she knows introduced her to FasterEFT. She watches Robert’s videos on YouTube and she learns how FasterEFT works, how it addresses memories, and how it works to resolve all your problems. In one of Robert’s demonstration videos, Robert points out that because of the way FasterEFT works, the volunteer would not need to share the details of the traumatic memory they wanted to address, if they weren’t comfortable doing so.


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Traumatic Memories

Martha tries to remember her earliest memory, and to notice how it felt when she did this. Through reading the FasterEFT blog and watching Robert’s videos, she understands, the mind-body connection: “What the mind thinks, the body follows” – in other words, if you think about something sad, you’ll notice that you feel a sensation of sadness somewhere in your body; if you think of something happy, you’ll notice that you feel a sensation of happiness somewhere in your body.

As Marta remembers the traumatic event, she feels the feelings of being back in the situation. Even though she was safe and in her apartment in that moment. This is what we all do, every time we recall something that bothers us or worry about something that might bother us. Since the body and brain don’t know the difference between reality and imagination, they react as if the thoughts were real – and the event is happening in the current moment.

She then uses the FasterEFT process, working with her subconscious mind, to guide her in reducing the emotions around the event. She continues, changing all aspects of the memory, the other person involved, and the child she was at the time.

It’s All You Now

One of the key understandings in FasterEFT, and it is what makes working with sexual abuse and FasterEFT so effective, is that whatever happened then is not happening now. In addition to this, all memories inside your head are now you. Robert points out that everyone in your traumatic memory, for example, your physically abusive father is really yourself; since your father isn’t present at the moment – and he couldn’t fit inside your head. So, as Martha goes through the FasterEFT process, the “father” she is healing in her memory isn’t her father, it is a part of herself. It was her representation of her father.

This allows Martha to feel in control instead of out of control. We can’t make other people change; but we can change our own representation of them. We can change what we do within our own minds.

When you use FasterEFT, it works with the subconscious to change the original data your subconscious is referring to emotional trauma– which automatically results in a change in your actions, choices, decisions, behaviors and experiences.


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