Understanding the True Value of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a very popular term used today. Social media feeds, blogs and other kinds of publishing platforms have been tackling the subject from every possible angle relating to the modern lifestyle we try to survive each day. But its true value has been slightly shifted to convey a different meaning.

Practicing mindfulness is often linked to physiological and health benefits. It is believed that mindfulness can directly influence our body’s ability to heal and produce health. While this rings true, it is not always the case. Mindfulness is neither a positive, nor a negative state of mind. Hence, we can assume and say that mindfulness is, in fact, a neutral state of mind. Neutral in the sense that mindfulness is required in concentration regardless of whether that concentration is to heal the body and generate compassion over every sentient being, or at the other end of the spectrum, to cause harm and produce illness.

In other words, whether a person is a saint or a criminal, mindfulness is required in order to execute actions properly. Keeping in mind that mindfulness is neutral can help anyone to truly utilize mindfulness meditation and practices towards producing positive outcomes.

Mindfulness Meditation

There are different types of meditation, each with different aim. What we mean to say is, each type of meditation can shift our consciousness to different planes of “what is.” Nonetheless, all meditation requires learning how to efficiently distribute concentration. To simply focus on one subject is very difficult for the novice meditators. Most of the time, the moment peace and calm is required or “willed,” the louder the voices in the mind become, and thoughts begin to shoot in all directions.

What is interesting about mindfulness meditation is that it is simply aimed to bring the mind into focus. It is designed to distribute our focus on understanding our inner environment and shift it to respond with compassion and patience that leads to an unparalleled acceptance of reality.

Mindfulness meditation is not at all focused on suppression of thoughts. In fact, it is the opposite. It is acceptance of thoughts and releasing their emotional values. Behavioral psychology once pointed out the ‘Elephant Effect’. Tell someone not to think about a white elephant and the more thoughts and mental imagery about a white elephant will be produced.

Meaning that the more we try and suppress thoughts of illnesses and negativities, the more predominant, frequent and harder to control they become.

Mindfulness meditation must be focused on accepting thoughts with the understanding of non-attachment to each of them. Non-attachment then leads to a release of the emotions a thought carries which allows it to no longer become dominant, hence not a basis for any kind of reaction.


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The FasterEFT Effect

Come to think of it, FasterEFT is in a way focused in delivering the same results as mindfulness meditation. It is designed to immediately release the emotions carried by disturbing thoughts to bring the mind into its natural state – calm and focused.

FasterEFT is used by many novice and advance meditation practitioners because the tapping technique can complement the aim of mindfulness meditation. FasterEFT tapping can influence the mind to release difficult thoughts that makes it very challenging to focus. Once problem causing thoughts are released it is easier to restore calm and be focused on one subject while generating peace and compassion with a genuine acceptance of reality.

If FasterEFT is combined with mindfulness meditation, it can further increase the activities in the Parasympathetic Nervous System or PNS. It is responsible for the stress responses, release of digestive fluids and enzymes and inducing a healthy blood flow.


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