Valentine’s Day: Healing a Broken Heart

We are all vulnerable to pain. Being human means you are vulnerable to break your heart – but we say no to the belief that you are a broken being. You are as perfect as you are today after suffering from a heartbreak compared to years before that.

You just need to accept that the key to happiness and healing resides within your ability to let go.


Valentine’s day opens great romantic opportunities for a lot of people, for couples it is a day to celebrate romance. But to some, it can provoke bitterness and pain as memories of previous broken relationships take dominance in your thoughts.

The thing is, love is never lost, nor can it be transformed to hate.

Love is still there, but your attachment to the person and the emotions the memories carry may result to negative mindsets and behavior towards this day.

You can be your own Valentine. Fulfilling your obligations to yourself and loving yourself without falter and full acceptance is the key to finding relationships that last.

How to truly heal a broken heart is releasing the emotions carried by the memories of broken relationships.

Tap into wellness through FasterEFT and discover empowering wisdom that can heal your broken heart, no matter how deep the wounds may be.

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