Why do you always see the negative and not the positive in life? eutaptics® FasterEFT™

Why do you always see the negative and not the positive in life?

Have you ever gone out of your way and got a friend or family member a gift and they never said thank you, or showed appreciation towards you? Do you always expect a negative outcome for anything you do? We all have moments in life where we expect better outcomes than what we receive. After so many failed expectations we tend to become afraid of letting people down, we lose confidence in ourselves. When this happens we will start to constantly think negatively constantly which projects into our daily life. 

Robert Gene and the Skills to Change Institute can help you through those issues. We encourage you to read the Story of Transformation below to see how our program has helped other people get through similar issues.  

This week’s Story of Transformation we follow a Tap-Along participant named Jane. Almost her entire life Jane has been experiencing the fear of letting people down, and having high expectations for other people. In situations large or small, Jane always expected the worst outcome. She knew this was a problem, and after many different methods to try and fix her fear she had lost all hope and just continued to live with the fear.

One day, Jane was scrolling through social media and saw her friend share a post from Robert Gene. In this post was a call to action to join a Tap-Along session to help guide participants to overcome anxiety, fear, and gain the mental clarity one needs. Jane, willing to try anything to help her overcome this fear, decided to sign up for the month-long Tap-Along sessions. When she came to her first Tap-Along she decided to share her enduring story.

Jane shared her emotions about her fear of letting people down with Robert Gene and the group. When Jane would go out of her way to do things for others like get them a big birthday gift, or cook them a nice dinner, she would often find herself expecting the worst out of the situation. She would expect them to not like what she got them or not enjoy the meal she prepared. Jane had been living with this fear since she was a child, and as she got older she came to realize it has been a major problem in her life and she needed to make a change. Jane did not know how to make this change, she has been through many different therapists, meditation methods, surrounding herself around optimistic people, and many more methods but still could not overcome this fear. Robert Gene paused Jane and asked her if the fear could be traced back to other memories of her childhood. 

After tapping with Robert Gene, Jane could recall a memory when she was young and her father would never acknowledge anything she would do for him. She recalled one specific memory when she was young and got her father a birthday gift for the first time. She was so excited to give him this gift, her entire family said the gift was perfect and he would love it. When Jane gave him the gift she was met with a reaction she never expected. His reaction was just, “oh okay” and that was it, no thank you, no acknowledgement at all. From that point on, anytime Jane did anything for her father she was met with no reaction and no acknowledgement. Jane told Robert Gene and the group since that day when she was a child she had always had the fear she was going to let people down or not be good enough for anyone. 

After tapping with Robert Gene she was able to change her memory of her father. She came to realize that maybe her father just did not know how to handle the situation or know how to show the expression like Jane wanted. Robert Gene instructed Jane when she would feel the fear come back to own the feeling, adjust the feeling in her memories, and transform how she represents the memory.

Have you ever done something for someone and did not get the reaction you wanted? Have you ever been afraid to let someone else down? 

When the next week came Jane was in the next Tap-Along session and Robert Gene asked Jane how she was doing. She said after tapping throughout the week when she had the feeling of letting someone down or if she expected a reaction and did not receive it, the feeling of sadness had gone down. She said she felt like she could look past their reaction and lower her expectations. Jane knew she did the best she could for everyone, and if someone could not appreciate what she did, then she could look past it. She said she continues to tap on a daily basis and would sign up to take more courses that could help her live an even more happier and healthier life. 

Robert Gene’s training has changed people's lives one step at a time. The issues you are experiencing could be big or small, the courses Robert Gene has created help with many different areas like, fears, relationships, weight loss, PTSD, stress, abuse, anxiety and many more. Jane first came to the Tap-Along sessions fearful, and stressed that she was not good enough. She was able to find the memory that started her fear and reprogram it to change her life and overcome the fear. As you sign up for the weekly Tap-Along sessions and volunteer to share your enduring story, you are then guided by Robert Gene through a step-by-step process just like Jane went through. This process will elicit your emotional strategy and help you change the reference point that the frustration and stress is just a facade, and the problem is emotional escapism. 

We know there are problems you face on a daily basis that cause stress, or emotional tension in life. The process Robert Gene created can be done quickly and anywhere. I know you are interested in a better way of life, this is YOUR TIME to make the change. If there is something you are going through check out our website, there is a course for almost everything. We want you to live a happier and healthier life and we encourage you to attend a Tap-Along and experience the methods that have changed many other people's lives. You can find the Tap-Along’s on our website where we offer month-long packages where you can gain access to four sessions in a single month. If you are unsure of the monthly commitment, on our website we offer a drop-in ticket to attend one Tap-Along. 

We only have one life, so make the changes now to improve your mind in order to live happier and healthier. If you do not make these changes you risk living with the stress, anxiety, emotional struggles, and an unhappy feeling that can affect your growth in life. 

As Robert Gene has said, “The cause of all problems is perception and it starts at birth. If we hadn’t been born, we wouldn’t have any experiences nor any problems. It is the experience of life and how we internally hold them now is what determines the quality of our life.”

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