Why I keep failing at relationships – FasterEFT explains

FasterEFT and relationships

By the time we’re 35 years old, we become a set of habits. We have become conditioned to do things a certain way, react to circumstances in a certain way, be sad about the same things, be happy about the same things, get depressed about the same issues etc. our brain, our body and our minds have stopped evolving. This is science.


People keep repeating the same dating habits and patterns over and over again, despite tapping on them. That’s their coping mechanism. Most people don’t realize that they have a tendency to recycle their old memories, feelings and experiences from the past, and use them as a yardstick for measuring the success or failure of their current life.


They come up against a roadblock because they don’t know the source of their relationship problems. The good thing is, with FasterEFT and relationships, you don’t have to.


Regardless of what the challenges you may be in any relationship, the key to healing it is realizing that you cannot change the behavior or choices of anyone outside of yourself. The only way to change your experience of someone else is to change the way you represent that experience inside yourself.


Now, that may not be what you were wanting to hear – after all, it would be great if you were able to make the other person change. But considering that is not possible, you have great power in the ability to control your own perceptions and emotional responses.


FasterEFT and relationships is something everyone needs to work on. Instead of being angry at your husband, wife, sister, mother, friend, girlfriend and lashing out at them, you can learn to feel better independently of what they say or do. It may seem difficult at first, when you are tempted to stalk your ex on Facebook, or go through their Twitter feed to see if they’ve mentioned you, but the interesting thing is that once you do this, you will probably see a change in their behavior anyway. It may not necessarily be what you expect; but whatever it is, your experience of it can be what you decide to make it.


So, how do you heal your relationship with FasterEFT?

Step One

Realize and accept that only you can fully control how you feel. No-one else can affect the way you feel unless you allow them to.

Step Two

Choose to change. No matter what those around you do or say, you have the power inside you to choose your perspective – and therefore, your response. You can choose to change the automatic, habitual reactions you’ve been experiencing up until now, and increase your enjoyment of life as a result.

Step Three

Use the FasterEFT technique to address the problems you experience in your relationship. Start by noticing how you know you have a problem. What is it about the other person that bothers you? Notice how you know it bothers you – what do you feel, and where in your body do you feel it? How strong is that feeling? Then tap on it. As new thoughts and memories come to you – even though they may seem to have nothing to do with this relationship – tap on those too.

You can also go back to see if you can remember when else you have felt the same feelings. What other times in your life have you felt the way you feel now? Tap on those memories. Again, keep tapping on whatever comes up as you go through the process. The FasterEFT and relationships seminar, is an investment in your past, present and future.


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