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Why Should You Learn How to Update Your Memories

Why should you learn how to update your memories? 


The simple answer is because you deserve a better life. 


I could beat around the bush and say “It’s the fastest way to find peace within yourself,” or “You’ve carried around those unhelpful memories for too long,” but while those things are true, the simple fact is you deserve a better life and updating your memories will help you get there. 


Knowing how to be in control of yourself, knowing how to change yourself, knowing how to create the future you want – that comes with changing the memories that no longer serve you, which is the core of eutaptics® FasterEFT Training


How do I know which memories are the ones I need to change? 


Have you ever been in a situation that was so good you thought to yourself, “Wow, I have really made it,” and then for no reason out of the blue you hear a little voice in the back of your head say, “No, you really haven’t made it. This is going to go away. This is just temporary.” That’s the memories talking. Something in what you were doing triggered something from the past whether you realized it or not. 


Everything you see, every interaction you have, every situation you witness, it’s all in there stored away in your memories. It’s these subconscious data points that you have collected over the years that come back up when you least expect it and become that voice you have grown accustomed to. 


So how do you figure out which memories this unhelpful data is hiding in? Start with the feeling. 


When was the last time you felt this way? When was the last time you remember having a great time and loving life and then suddenly something inside you said to stop? 


Now write that down and go to the next one. 


…What was the time before that? 


…And the time before that? 


Keep going as far back as you can remember when that feeling or emotion came up for you. Write down all of the times you can think of when you felt “undeserving” or “anxious” or even “sad” about being happy. 


This is what we in the eutaptics® community call the Peace List. This is the best place to start to help you find what you have been unwittingly holding onto. 


After I write my Peace List, then what? 


Then you do the work.  


It’s easier to comprehend your problems when they are written out, otherwise most people feel overwhelmed about where to start. 


Begin with the oldest item on your list. Tap on the feelings that come up (if you are unsure how to tap on yourself you can watch this video to get started), release the physical feelings that go with the emotions, release the belief that goes with the feeling, and rewrite the memory so that it serves YOU. 


It’s a simple process, but it takes time for it to become second nature which is why you have to practice it every day. 


Below is a visual to help you understand the eutaptics® tapping process: 

But, what will happen when I don’t have any problems left on my Peace List? 

You’ll start living the life you’ve always wanted. 

And isn’t it about time?

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