Why Success Requires Accepting Your Mistakes

For many people, the reason they are unable to achieve success in life is because they refuse to take responsibility for their mistakes. This is the result of a subconscious fear of success. This may seem strange at first – fearing the thing they want most – but when you look a little deeper, it all makes perfect sense.

Since this character trait of not being able to accept your mistakes is hidden within the subconscious, the conscious mind has no idea it’s there; and the person continues to strive and try to achieve their goals while experiencing one failure after the other.

This is a form of self sabotage, and many people don’t even know they’re doing it.

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If someone really wanted something, be it a career, relationship, marriage, children, house, car, business etc. why would they have a fear of getting what they want?

The fear is based on subconscious references that provide “evidence” that if they were to achieve their goal, something bad would happen. That’s why you may find yourself getting defensive when you make a mistake and someone else points that out. It an automatic reflexive defense mechanism to say, “That’s not my fault.”

This “evidence” can range from being disapproved of or rejected by friends and family to having to take on more responsibility. You may consciously want more responsibility, but there are many different aspects that can form the structure for this fear; and most of them will not make any sense at all to the conscious mind.

This is why accepting your mistakes to achieve success is hard. And then overcoming it is even harder because there is usually no logic behind it since the subconscious does not work with logic and reason.

Since most of the information that supports the fear of success is subconscious, and the conscious mind is completely unaware of it, we generally have no idea what memories are forming part of the structure of the fear. Fortunately, using FasterEFT means you don’t need to know the original information.

You only need to know how you know. How do you know you have this fear of accepting your mistakes? And then address that; and as you clear and flip that, other thoughts, feelings and memories will come up that are connected. As long as you keep your focus on “how you know” your subconscious will do the work for you in transforming the data.

For step-by-step instructions on how to use the FasterEFT technique effectively, read: The FasterEFT Technique – Step-by-Step.

Accepting responsibility is liberating!


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Take over the responsibility for what you want to experience in life can be a liberating experience. Imagine knowing that you are the creator and can create whatever you choose in your life!

You could refuse to do this, and that would be okay, but it would mean you are choosing to remain stuck at the same level of success you have now. This will give you very little control over achieving the success you want. The truth is, the ship of your life has no captain right now; and you have the option to take over the controls and captain your own ship – choosing where you want to go and what you want to experience.

Make a list of the things you want to change in your life, and then start going through the list addressing each one using the FasterEFT tapping process. Once you write down, with total honesty, the areas in your life where you deflect responsibility, and then work on those, your life will change.

There’s a gap between how you appear to the world and how you feel on the inside, and it can be bridged through FasterEFT.

The personal change that has to take place to achieve success can be unlocked with FasterEFT. When you use FasterEFT to tap on those areas where you aren’t successful, you free up energy and then you can channel that energy to create whatever you want.

So the emotions that you’ve memorized that support your belief that you don’t want to accept your mistakes, are what’s running your ship right now. FasterEFT allows you to “un-memorize” those emotions.

When you experience challenges and doubt, stop yourself from blaming anything outside of yourself and instead, treat it as you would your ship if it was veering off-course in an unexpected current or a sudden storm. Correct your course by tapping it out. Use the FasterEFT technique to tap in the moment whenever anything bothers you – this is the way you correct the course of your ship to where you want to go.

You have the power

This technique is among the most reliable way to achieve your success by accepting and embracing that you’re a flawed human being, and that’s perfectly ok! Loving yourself and the mistakes you make frees you from self blame, self sabotage, and low self esteem.

The FasterEFT tapping technique will ensure that you are addressing the core subconscious records that result in your life experiences; and they will keep you on track when you may have otherwise given up before you reached your goals.


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