You Don’t Deal with Reality – You Create It!

Come to think of it, reality isn’t what you see and hold, it is more of a perspective based on a complex mental construction of your own making.

Whatever you consider real, whatever you see, touch, smell and experience is only as real as you believe it to be. The intensity of its value to your experience is only determined by the feelings and emotions you attach to it.

That is why it is safe to say that your reality is very different from the person next to you.

Reality is created in the mind.

You Don’t Deal with Reality – You Create It!

You create reality based on what your mind considers valuable. This stored information in your mind is being withdrawn consistently to make sense of what your mind considers real.

“To see is to believe!”, the majority of the modern population are avid fans of this proverb. Behind everything we see there is universal truth, what registers as image in our minds are but creations of the complex construction of thoughts powered by our emotions.

Sight is not in itself an experience, the experience of seeing is validated and represented through your stored knowledge or the memories pertaining to what you see. The objects that you don’t exist as reality by themselves. It is how you feel and what you make out of what you see based on your mental resources that create the experience of sight – or reality of it.

Your personal belief in just about anything is based on the memories held in your mind that you believe as real.

Moment after moment you create your reality and you believe it to be real.

If your reality includes pain, diseases, stress and problems, you will keep on producing the same. Why? Simple, it is a part of your reality because your belief system says so. You are programmed to believe, so to speak.

It is All about YOU, NOW! Robert Smith explains how memories work

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Deal with reality or create it?

To deal with reality means you will just do what you can at any given moment. The convenience offered by this world in this modern age is leaning towards immediate relief of what we see as “problems” on the surface.

We are scared to dig deeper. Introspection is slowly becoming a thing of the past. FasterEFT is a system that challenges the conventional wisdom on how people create their own version of realities.

It is a system designed and created not just to “deal with reality” but create and produce a better and purposeful one that is aligned with genuine happiness.

Since reality is created through the memories or imprints we hold within our minds, manipulating it, collapsing negative thought structures and replacing them with worthy imprints can create lasting change.

A better version of reality is readily available for a person who accepts that we are all creators.

Fear is a Disruptive Process

Fear is our response to anything unknown to us. Fear changes our own version of reality from its core. The distortion of life is always associated with fear.

Fear of letting go, fear of not knowing, fear of taking risks and so on.

Most people have minds conditioned to believe in fear as comfort. Insidious in nature, fear can take so many forms that it becomes stored as a valuable memory.

It fuels toxic beliefs and more often denies our ability to form a positive reality.

Fear is the creator of impossible.

Fear makes you feel limited, it is the disruptive mental process that produces the cycle of problems and negative outcomes in your life.

Reimprinting Your Reality – Releasing Fear

Look for your answers within. You can go about every inch of this planet to investigate what makes you produce the same reality that you wish to destroy and you will just be exhausted.

To transform your reality, you need to change the imprints you hold within your mind that support your belief on what is real and what is not.

Simply put, those things that just don’t work means they are toxic, so reimprint and release them.

FasterEFT can help you reimprint the memories, release negative emotions carried by memories so they no longer hold power over your reality. Get started today.


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