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eutaptics® FasterEFT™

Stop Smoking Now

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Stop Smoking by Changing Your Brain

The greatest challenge with smoking is not the chemical addiction to nicotine (true with all addictions) but the emotional connections you’ve made with the cigarettes. Smoking is yet another coping mechanism with emotional links to family memories, social gatherings, escaping the stress of work/relationship pressures, etc. It can represent “doing” something or “avoiding” something — a way to feel “adult,” to fit in, to fill the void of loneliness or separation we feel inside, and so much more. It's a deep breath when we’re not breathing easy in our lives. It is unique to each individual but when you change the memories and associations, you stop smoking. In this instant download, you’ll get 9+ hours of practice, demos, and education to help you start shifting this old relationship you have with smoking. What is addressed in the videos:
  • Addiction in others, how tobacco effects families
  • The linking and dumping process
  • Fighting cravings with tapping
  • Smoking imprints
  • ‘Happy’ memories of smoking (people, places, and good times)
  • Unwinding with a cigarette and how to break the link
  • The lasting changes and the cleanup process
  • And so much more!

Feel good again without having a smoke and watch all areas of your life improve too.