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Money Mastery

Money Mastery

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Do you like your relationship to money? Or is it a source of anguish and constant confusion. If you keep leading yourself into poverty, or you're only just barely scraping by, come on a journey with Robert Gene Smith as he helps you identify the real cause of your money issues.

Did you often hear the expression "money doesn't grow on trees," as a child, or did you learn early on that "money is the root of all evil"? Are you still telling yourself that you're no good at math, so therefore how could you handle big numbers in your bank account?

Whatever is at the root of your money problems, this course will help you uncover the faulty beliefs that no longer need to have a hold on your life. The truth is (and always was) that you deserve money, abundance, and big numbers in your bank account, just as much as anyone else.

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