Addiction is not a disease!

What Is Addiction?

Contrary to what most people believe, all addictions share the same core driver. Whether it's an addiction to food, smoking, alcohol, drugs, exercise, sex, shopping, gambling, or anything else, the underlying driver remains the same. Approximately 23 million Americans suffer from some form of addiction, which means that chances are, one in ten people you know personally is addicted to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, or sex. Despite these staggering numbers, it is possible to overcome addiction and start living the life you truly desire.

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Break Free from the Cycle:

Robert has assisted countless individuals, ranging from those addicted to soda to those struggling with crack cocaine, in breaking free from their addictions and ultimately leading happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

What Causes Addiction?

At the core of every addiction lies the desire to escape from pain. While the nature of this pain may differ, the impulse to seek relief remains constant. Addiction serves as a coping mechanism. What often eludes recognition by the addict is that the conscious mind remains entirely unaware of this driving force. The subconscious operates the addiction "behind the scenes," much like it governs all other aspects of behavior.

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Stop Smoking the EASY WAY!

This program will change your life because you will discover how to end the cycle of the smoking vice. You will no longer struggle but rather you'll change your brain and be fully in control of your life.

Who really wants to be controlled by smoking. So, live long and healthy. More money in your pocket, keep up with the kids, or just breath free.

Robert Gene will guild you and it will be amazing how simple and easy it will be.

You'll learn how to change the meaning to smoking, free yourself from the stress around it and clean up any side effects before they event start.


How Does It Work?

The subconscious relies on the references it holds, which can be highly intricate and individualized for each person. It subsequently initiates a chemical reaction in the brain and body, culminating in the compulsion for the addictive substance or behavior. At some point in their life, the individual has likely developed the coping mechanism of "escaping" their pain through this specific behavior or substance, leading to a dependence within the brain and body. Typically, they will be consciously unaware of the initial cause.

Testing his mental addiction level.

Mental Addiction - Tested Before and After Session:

Nick, after completing a seven-day stint in rehab, expressed a keen interest in exploring the potential benefits of eutaptics® for his addiction recovery. To gauge the extent of his addiction's impact on his brain, we conducted a comprehensive memory test.

Why Are Success Rates For Most Rehabilitation Programs So Low?

Focusing solely on the addiction is akin to trimming the branches of a weed. Unless you eliminate the root, the branches will persistently regrow, requiring continual pruning, or they will eventually overrun entirely. eutaptics® FasterEFT™ delves into the root cause, which is the initial trauma propelling the addiction, and addresses it as the first step. Only after confronting the original trauma and other factors reinforcing the addiction does Robert then tackle the addictive behavior. By this stage, with the initial trauma no longer driving the addiction, the individual can undergo lasting changes in their behavior.

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