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eutaptics® FasterEFT™

Change Your Mind, Heal Your Body

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Change Your Mind, Heal Your Body

This life-changing course contains videos from a 4-day weekend introduction to eutaptics® FasterEFT™. It is about overcoming pain, illness, dis-ease. You will learn the basics of the eutaptics® FasterEFT™ belief system, how the mind works, the structure of problems and the eutaptics® FasterEFT™ tapping style with live demonstrations of tapping by Robert Gene Smith.

This course is for anyone who wants to learn more about the transformational power of eutaptics® FasterEFT™ and how to release the root cause of all problems.

01 Seminar introduction
02 How Your Mind Creates a World You Know
03 Which World do You Want to Live In?
04 Your MInd is Programmed to Produce Your LIfe Today
05 You are Ignorant of the Smartest Part of Yourself
06 Heal Your Body Complete Video - Part A
Intro Test

07 How Emotions are Making You Sick
08 Why It Is Important to Change Unpleasant Memories
09 Why Changing Yourself Affects Your Relationships
10 Everything Inside Your Mind is YOURSELF
11 How Memories Are Always Being Changed
12 How Beliefs Are Created and Changed
13 The Keys to How Your Mind Works
14 Heal Your Body Complete Video - Part B

15 Changing the Meaning to Foods and Memories
16 How Experiences Build Physical Pain
17 The Whole Structure of Pain and the Areas to Address
18 Training, Sessions, and Investing in Yourself
19 The Power of Beliefs
20 How to Tap on Yourself
21 Balance Food, Exercise and Emotions
22 How the Brain Amplifies Pain
23 The Secret to Changing Yourself
24 Heal Your Body - Tapping on Yourself
25A Heal Your Body Complete Video - Part C

25B Intro Day 02 - That Genius Part of You
26 The Structure of Pain
 27 Important Questions Answered
28 How the Mind Creates Healing and Manifests in Our Life
29 What To Do When Many Memories Show Up All At Once When Tapping On Yourself
30 How To Deal With Insomnia
31 There Are Real Viruses and Pains Out There
32 B.A.R.T. - The Key To Get to the Structure of Problems
33 Forgiveness Sets You Free
34 I Should Not Be So Sick Still
35 Overview of Learnings
36 Heal Your Body Complete Video - Part D

37B How to find your memories by using the pains in your body.
38 The importance of changing memories instead of just creating new memories.
39 Internal ways the mind will express memories
40 Wisdom that will save you loads of pain!
41 Tapping at the end of the day
42 05 Heal Your Body Complete Video

43G Intro to Day 3 - The Pinnacle Point that Started My Life Changes
44 End the Emotional Stupidity Today
45 What is the difference that make a difference?
46 Session Intake with Book addressing pain.
47 Questions about the session
48 How to Dismantle Your Beliefs
49 06 Heal Your Body Complete Video

50G Internal Affirmations we do without knowing it.
51 Our recovery from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Lyme disease
52 A 75 year old woman shares of her changes
53 Julie - How to find emotional resources and memories by illness
54 Sessions with Julie
55 Why Tapping along is beneficial and it is importance
56 Group tapping exercise.
57 07 Heal Your Body Complete Video

58 Safe Approach to Big Issues
59 The results from the sessions
60 It is again, what you are doing within yourself.
61 Parkinson Disease
62 Testing your work and working more on yourself
63 Back Pain, Bullied, and job issues
64 Session Questions
65 08 Heal Your Body Complete Video

66 Life Long Foot Pain is gone
67 I forgot my walker at the restaurant because my pain was gone.
68 More Training and going deeper
69 Why did my go away and came back but worse pain?
70 Test your work by going where you do not want to go to see if it is gone.
74 Mind Blowing Experience
71 The proper times and place you should tap
72 My Pain Identity is keeping me in pain
75 The can feel my leg, its under me and I am standing
73 My husband torments me
77 Closing of the day
78 Last tapping of the seminar - The Keys by Juzzie Smith
79 09- Heal Your Body Complete Video

80 The Language of Pain
81 Robert G. Smith - Questions & Answers about Pain and the Law of Attraction
Course Questions

01 Major PTSD from a car accident where friend died - illness.
02 PTSD and Mom gave me autoimmune disease

01 World Trade Center and Cancer
World Trade Center Follow up
Thoughts on the sessions 4:30 (clone)

How emotional pain and physical pain are connected. 1:07:03
Tapping - Resistance and headache. 43:31
Q&A Dealing with stuff now, addictions and patterns 14:47
How to tap on yourself Robert's Style 8:47
Q&A Pain and fear of letting it go 21:12
Q&A Finishing the work on your pain and the truth about false memories. 13:08
Q&A Flood of memories 13:05
Overview and check up on individuals. 57:18
Tapping - Head pain and my brother 52:35
Q&A 47:18
Q&A Closing instructions 22:42