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Ending PTSD During the Holidays: 3-Hour Web Event

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Sunday | November 13 | 12-3pm Central Daylight Time US


It is easy for someone on the outside to say, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” But in reality, for those who have suffered great trauma, stronger isn’t really the issue. It’s the triggers that keep coming back time and time again, and it becomes particularly hard when family is involved. 

This web-event is designed to help you work through those traumas and set yourself up for a peaceful holiday season. Whatever you’ve been through, you CAN change its meaning in your life and give yourself the opportunity to heal, regardless of what triggers you. 


These are online interactive events that take place through Zoom. They are not recorded so you should plan to attend. Once you order the bundle, we will email you the instructions on how to register and receive the Zoom links in advance.