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eutaptics® FasterEFT™

Free Yourself from Food and Chemical Sensitivities — 3-Hour Live Web Event

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Free Yourself from Food and Chemical Sensitivities — 3-Hour Live Web Event

October 9, 2022, 12-3pm CST US


Having food or chemical sensitivities can be an alienating, painful experience. It can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars just to come up with the same answer and no results. Once you’ve done all the tests and the elimination diets,  the water fasting and the cleanses and your problem is STILL THERE, it’s easy to just want to give up and say, “this is just my life!”

I can tell you right now, that your life doesn’t have to be that way because it’s not really that you’re going to forever react to chocolate or corn or chemical additives. It’s not that your body can’t handle dairy, wheat, soy, perfumes, laundry detergent and the like. These are all just symptoms of a problem you may not even be aware of. Something somewhere in your subconscious mind that is being triggered. We can show you how to find where those triggers began and finally create changes that get you relief.

Topics Robert may cover in this 3-hour live web event:

  • How the mind works and how it creates food/memory links
  • How neuroplasticity clears sensitivities, memories and fears and gives you back control
  • How to break free and when to stop taking unhelpful advice
  • How to tap on food/chemical allergies
  • How to take the power out of food/chemicals and give it back to yourself
  • How to stop fearing the world and get back in it
  • How to help children with food conditioning before it becomes a problem!

eutaptics® FasterEFT™ allows you to let go of your history with sensitivities, how allergies have been represented in your life, and how YOU can finally live a life free of worry.

Please note: All of our webinars/seminars/live events are recorded. If you do not wish to have your image recorded, you can turn off your computer's camera upon entering the Zoom room. If you do not turn off your camera, we will assume your consent. 

If you purchase and cannot attend live, the event will be sent to you within 48 hours after it is recorded.