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SESSION 4 OF 5 (Private 2-Hour Sessions Bundle with Robert Gene Smith)

SESSION 4 OF 5 (Private 2-Hour Sessions Bundle with Robert Gene Smith)

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Welcome Back! This is for booking your next private session with Robert Gene Smith! ​

You have booked a package with multiple sessions with Robert Gene Smith, however, only your first session has been scheduled through the website at this time. You will have to confirm additional sessions times by following the instructions below. All sessions should be completed in consecutive weeks for best results. 

  1. Please add this item to your cart and check out as you normally would. 
  2. Check your email for your next appointment notification and your google calendar invite once you have completed this booking. *** Things may end up in your spam folder, so please ensure you have checked there as well. 

Please note: All three sessions must be scheduled within a 60 day period from the first session appointment.

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