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Surviving Relatives & Holiday Stressors | NOVEMBER TAP-ALONG 2024

Surviving Relatives & Holiday Stressors | NOVEMBER TAP-ALONG 2024

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Thursdays | November 7, 14, 21, (WED) 27  | 6-8pm Central Daylight Time US

Family means something different to everyone. Maybe you come from a huge family with lots of big personalities and find yourself drowning in opinions every holiday season. Or maybe family is a sore subject because having more is what you’ve always wanted. 

Whatever your familial situation, whether it’s just you and your spouse, or a whole mess of people all fighting for the last slice of turkey, this time of year brings up stresses you forget you’re carrying with you on a day to day basis. Something about the changing of the seasons puts these triggers front and center.

But with this tap-along series you will gain a tool that will help you curb that sense of anxiety surrounding family events and strengthen even your most fragile familial relationships.

These are online interactive events that take place through Zoom. They are not recorded so you should plan to attend. Once you order the bundle, we will email you the instructions on how to register and receive the Zoom links in advance.

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