Tap-Along Series – 20 videos for $27!

Tap along with Robert and witness others' profound healing and insights. You'll be able to transform yourself and gain an unparalelled understanding of how the mind works!  


Tap-Along – 20 videos for $27!

Enjoy never-before-seen videos from my live seminars. (Yes, that means they’ve never been on YouTube.) They feature tap-a-long sessions that will help you with:

  • money
  • self-esteem
  • body confidence
  • physical pain
  • relationships
  • allergies
  • fears and phobias
  • trauma and PTSD

These aren’t surface level videos. Robert Gene Smith will help you dive into big issues, share real stories, and experience lasting change in all these videos. For $1/each, it's an investment you can't afford not to make for all the changes you will start to see in your life, starting as soon as today. Purchase and the link to download will arrive immediately in your inbox.

“Thank you so much for the tap-along video offer! I’m getting SO much out of it! I’m tapping on things I haven’t thought about for years and didn’t realize I had any issues with. These are so great!!!” Sherry Martin

  • Understand

    Understand surprising memory memory links and how to free yourself from them.
  • Gain

    Gain the tools you need to remap your brain and remake your life with eutaptics® FasterEFT™
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    Our support team always ready
    7 days a week via email, social media and M-F over the phone
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Online Courses
  • Online Courses are strictly a self-paced series of videos that you work through primarily on your own with an accompanying training manual
  • You can start the online course at any time
Hyrbid Live/Online Training
  • Hyrbid Live/Online Training start at certain times of the year with the same online content and requirements as the online course
  • Consists of five weeks of live Zoom calls with Robert, Level 5 Teachers, and other students
  • Each call lasts approximately five hours, with breaks, lunch/dinner
  • As a part of the requirements, connect with other students in the same training level to do accountability practices
  • Demonstrate to others what you have learned
  • In levels 2 - 4 you will also have a specified number of hours to practice "swaps" with other students in training
  • Get access to closed Facebook groups and a contact list for each level where you can connect with other students
  • You have two years from the time you start the course to complete all of the course requirements