Tap It Down, Tap It Up™ with Sandra & Mel - Free Weekly Event


Every Tuesday from January 24 | 12-1 pm Central Daylight Time US


WE WANT TO SUPPORT YOU! Skills to Change Institute is excited to announce this unique weekly 1-hour FREE tapping using the Tap It Down, Tap It Up™ technique to address your limiting beliefs. 


What’s unique about using TID/TIU™: In this FREE weekly series, we will be using a specific technique that Robert Gene Smith created called, Tap It Down/Tap It Up™ to address limiting beliefs (ideas, concepts, metaphoric expressions), and the underlying emotions that support them. Oftentimes beliefs will be universal to people based on their emotions. We will be addressing specific beliefs/emotions rather than the individual story that is in the memory. 

The value of this process is that you change or update your belief system  and from that perspective, you inevitably change how you view yourself, others, and the world.


What this ISN'T: This is not a traditional tap-a-long addressing memories, or specific issues, we will be focusing on the beliefs and emotions that support them. 


Who Can Join: STCI students and anyone who already applies eutaptics® FasterEFT™ to their daily life.


When: Every Tuesday from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. USA Central time, beginning January 24, 2023.


Where: Anywhere you have an internet connection! These are hosted over Zoom, so enjoy this weekly event right from the comfort of home! 


What YOU need to do: Consider what limiting beliefs you feel are holding you back from what you want in your life.



These are online interactive events that take place through Zoom. They are not recorded so you should plan to attend. Once you book your ticket, we will email you the instructions on how to register and receive the Zoom links in advance.

This will be the same link each week and you may join as often or as little as you like throughout the month. Each calendar month you will need to re-register in order to receive the most up to date zoom link. 

Please note, you MUST be subscribed to our mailing list in order to receive follow up emails from our server. At checkout you will see a box that is pre-checked in order to automatically receive notifications regarding your order. Please do not uncheck this box or we will not be able to communicate with you over email. Thank you!

  • Understand

    Understand surprising memory memory links and how to free yourself from them.
  • Gain

    Gain the tools you need to remap your brain and remake your life with eutaptics® FasterEFT™
  • Friendly Support

    Our support team always ready
    7 days a week via email, social media and M-F over the phone
  • 100% Payment Secure

    We ensure secure payments and a money guarantee. See our refund policy for full details. 


  • Consists of 4 weekly tap-along events that occur every Thursday throughout the month (unless indicated)
  • Meet each week for 2 full hours to tap with Robert and others on various subjects 
  • Get weekly support from Robert and other upper level practitioners
  • Two different available times to accommodate different time zones in the US and Europe
  • Consists of 3 hours of live Zoom time with Robert and others
  • Topics span a wide variety of problems, emotional traumas, and more 
  • An opportunity to better your understanding and techniques using eutaptics® FasterEFT™ 
Interactive Workshops
  • Similar to online courses, this is a learning opportunity to study specific subjects and aspects of the eutaptics® FasterEFT™ learning system
  • Connect with other students to deepen your understanding and techniques using eutaptics® FasterEFT™ 
  • Get workbooks and more learning materials to help you along the way
  • Get access to closed Facebook groups where you can connect with other students

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