10 Ways to Heal Yourself by using Neuroplasticity of the Mind

While we’ve talked a lot about pain recently, healing yourself is about so much more. When we talk about healing, we’re talking about a positive state of mind and doing positive things for your body.

You can heal yourself from pain, sure. But you can also heal yourself from:

  • digestive issues

  • insomnia

  • anxiety

  • anger issues

  • depression

  • financial struggles

  • relationship issues

  • PTSD

  • grief

  • and so much more.


The truth is that our physical body is designed to heal itself. Often it is the negative thought patterns caused by the unpleasant memories or incorrect programming within the layers of our consciousness that does not allow natural healing to take place.

That is exactly where Faster EFT / eutaptics® works best, within those layers that other forms of healing modalities dare not go. In order for anything to work and manifest to contribute to healing, you need to rewrite the inner resources that are creating the problem.

FasterEFT believes that emotions are a record of the past. And so, if the emotion is stored in the body, then the body is living in the past so to speak.

Those records of the past makes the body believe that it’s living in the same stressful state (unpleasant memories), through the day, the week, the month and the years.

So, what this does is causes stress hormones to be released throughout your body, causing heart problems, skin problems, autoimmune diseases etc., we become anxious beings because we are functioning from the past.

So how can you heal yourself?

Here are ten things you can do right now, to heal yourself through eutaptics® and FasterEFT:

1. Make peace with what you don’t want

Making peace with what you don’t want will open the door to getting what you do want. We are motivated by our inner reaction which is motivated by pain or pleasure. Everything you do want is based on some emotional driver – pain or pleasure.

Unfortunately, pain/fear (in any form) is the most driving force in the universe. So, release whatever it is that you don’t want: recurring unpleasant experiences that create hurt, anger, fear, frustration etc.

When you rewrite the unpleasant experiences, it’s easier to get what you want. It’s easier to heal. A lot of people think it’s best to forget the past, but wonder why they keep experiencing the same things over and over again.

It’s because their mind is full of unpleasant memories, which creates toxic emotions that leave no room for better positive emotions to fit in. So make peace with your hurts and pains by eutaptics/FasterEFT tapping and releasing them.

2. Write out a list

Robert is a big fan of lists. He always says to write out a list of your problems and how you know you have them. It’s easier to comprehend your problems when they are written out, otherwise most people feel overwhelmed about where to start.

So, write out a list, and start going through it one by one. Tap, release, and rewrite using the eutpaticsFasterEFT system. Again, once you release the pain or problem and rewrite it, then you’ll be the new you and have room to accept what you do want into your life.

3. Stop obsessing over the problem.

Many people think that by obsessing over a problem, they can find the solution for it. But all that does is ingrain that problem further onto your subconscious, causing you to feel more stressed and concerned. eutaptics®/FasterEFT operates from the belief that all the pain and problems you encounter, the diseases in your body, the negative self-talk – all of them have their roots in the subconscious. eutaptics/FasterEFT uses memory reimprinting to heal that. It is an advanced method that changes a bad memory into a good one.

Memory reimprinting is Robert Gene Smith’s expertise, and he has successfully healed thousands of people from common problems to complex issues such as fibromyalgia, severe cases of PTSD, moderate to severe forms of addictions and many more.

4. Stop responding to your problems in the same way

The reason we use tapping eutaptics®/FasterEFT is twofold – one is for defractionation, which is breaking the trance of the problem (taking your attention away from the problem), and the other is because these relaxation points have been proven to alter the body’s physiological state.

Once you start tapping along these points, the production of stress hormones is reduced in relation to that problem. In doing this, you activate mental healing faster, because that thought will no longer cause you to feel or react in a negative way.

At first it may take time, but being persistent with tapping pays off. Once the negative thought structure supporting the problem has been collapsed using eutaptics/FasterEFT, you can replay the rewritten memory, feeling and acting as if it’s true. The mind will manifest that. You’ll be living your new life, and you can feel good while you imagine your dreams and desires into existence.

5. Stop the negative inner chatter

Talking to oneself is a habit everyone indulges in. Since we are conscious beings, we are constantly speaking to ourselves within our minds, whether we know it or not. Usually those thoughts are running on autopilot, and are negative in nature.

You’re worrying about bills, about your children, your job, your deadlines, your marriage, your health, your garden, the dishes you have to wash etc. There’s no end to this.

In order to achieve mental healing, it’s important to become conscious of your unconscious thoughts. You can do that using the eutaptics/FasterEFT system and a desire to improve yourself. Once you realize that your negative mental chatter is a result of suppressed negative memories and emotions, you can use the eutaptics®/FasterEFT process to rewrite.

Then you’ll find it easier to notice when your thoughts are running on autopilot and correct them.

6. Change your environment

Scientists have found that over 75-98% of illnesses are related to thoughts, and that only 2-25% of psychological and physical illnesses are caused by environmental factors or genetics. So how can you make sure that 25% doesn’t rule your life? Simple – clear out the clutter from around you!

Many people hold onto things from the past because it’s familiar. Just like the records of the past recorded in our brains, people assign meaning to things and objects.

Before you know it, you have closets full of clutter from the past that you are holding onto. Some objects can even act as a trigger, taking you back to a painful memory and the whole spiral of hurt and rejection starts all over again. So, use eutaptics®/FasterEFT to clean up those triggers, through memory reconsolidation.

So clean your closets out. If you come across something with sentimental value, take a photo of it and tap on it. Then throw it away or donate it.  This will enable your mind to assign a positive emotion to that object and allow healing to take place faster.

7. Stop blaming others

The eutaptics®/FasterEFT school of thought believes that changes begin from within. We respond from within ourselves. Our responses to others isn’t a result of what they do, it’s how we internally represent it. We assign meaning to their behavior that they likely never intended.

So stop trying to change the other person, because we as humans have the tendency to always try and change someone else. It may be considered normal, but it stops healing from taking place. Once you accept responsibility for your own self, that’s when the change starts to happen.

The key to healing is realizing that you cannot change anyone else. You hold the power to make changes and ability to control your perceptions and emotional responses, known as memory reconsolidation. eutaptics/FasterEFT would like to give you back that control and allow healing to naturally take place and help you create a stronger and better version of you.

8. Get out of the way of your healing

This means, stop trying to micromanage everything. People take pills, try new diets, visit ten different doctors – all to be able to heal. What eutaptics®/FasterEFT is here to tell you is that you are always in control of your healing.

You can accelerate it by having an outcome in mind and using eutaptics®/FasterEFT to allow our minds to change to meet that goal.

We’re successful in whatever we have today. Illness or health, they are both successes based on your unconscious resources. That means illness is a success. Health is a success. Enjoying your life is a success.

There are certain things you do to create health or illness. It’s that simple.

Our physical bodies are designed to heal itself, once we change and rewrite negative experiences.

9. Invest in what goes in your body

Choose healthy, real foods. Your body is a temple, and the quality of the temple is dependent on the food you eat. So drink water (the healthiest thing you can drink). Eat food you prepare yourself, with real ingredients and real nutrition.

When your body like a temple and fuel it accordingly, you will feel better, more energetic and have better digestion. Since our body is made up of 50-65% of water, it makes sense that the more hydrated your body is, the better it will function.

If you’re not sure where to start, keep it simple. Commit to drinking at least 5-7 glasses of water a day and notice how you feel. Then take the next step and work towards eating healthier foods.

10. Stop procrastinating and move!

Yes, exercise is often the best cure. Along with eutaptics®/FasterEFT, it is important to remember that our thoughts and feelings are encoded within our body’s biology.

You may have noticed that people who walk, run, go to the gym, swim, or do any other kind of physical activity are generally happier and healthier. That’s because moving the body around causes the brain to release endorphins – known as the feel-good hormone. So it’s the same kind of hormone that is released when you first fall in love, or get a raise, or have something good happen to you.

So start moving around. Better yet, go for a walk in nature, and tap on yourself while you’re there. This will allow for faster healing, both mentally and physically and train your brain to associate exercise with overall wellness.

We hope these tips helped you in understanding how healing is within reach. With eutaptics®/FasterEFT by your side, anything is possible.

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