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This method promotes improved mental health, mindfulness, and inner peace. Through this approach, you will acquire new skills to assist both yourself and your children in processing emotions like anger, anxiety, stress, worry, and fear, both in the heat of the moment and in the aftermath. This often leads to a transformative shift, resulting in happier children and a more serene classroom environment.

This self-regulated stress management tool is a variation of the original EFT tapping method. However, it harnesses the mind's inherent neuroplasticity to swiftly update memories and emotions, yielding quicker and enduring positive changes. Numerous studies have demonstrated that EFT-style tapping, coupled with directed mindfulness and affirmations, consistently reduces stress levels in children, teenagers, and young adults. EmotionalED seamlessly combines the most effective elements of each of these modalities, making it user-friendly for children of all ages, both within and outside the classroom.