5 Tips for becoming a Leader with FasterEFT


What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of the word “Leader”?


Do you automatically start thinking, “Oh I’m not a leader, I’m just so and so.”


Through decades of conditioning, we’ve been taught to believe that a leader is someone in a position of power.


But that’s not true.


That’s never been more false than it is in today’s day and age.


Leadership comes from within, in many different shapes, sizes, roles, qualities.


Who is a Leader?

A leader is someone who is committed to making positive and lasting change.


Someone who is full of ideas, enthusiasm and is willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals and dreams.


You don’t have to be another Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Angela Merkel to change the world and shine.


You just have to cultivate these 5 qualities and use Faster EFT to clear out the mess along the way.


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That’s it.


You can become a true leader in the workplace by cultivating these 5 habits and qualities within yourself.


1. What’s your Emotional IQ?

One of the most markable qualities of a leader is the ability to handle uncertainty with confidence.


Being able to navigate uncertain circumstances, without getting emotionally overwhelmed, is a skill that can be developed through practise and persistence.


Just like riding a bicycle, driving a car, learning to walk, etc.


Your emotional IQ is your ability to control your emotions when everything around you seems to be falling apart.


This doesn’t mean you don’t feel anything, on the contrary, this means that you know that your automatic reactions of stress, anxiety and fear are programs from your subconscious mind.


And that you can control how you react to circumstances.


So instead of reacting with fear and worry, you can act with an inner conviction that you can and will figure this out.


No one has all the answers, but when you’re emotionally fit, you can handle anything life throws your way – whether at work or at home.


2. Are you open to new experiences?

Human beings are creatures of habit.


That’s how we’ve evolved and survived throughout the ages.


You learn how to crawl, walk, brush your teeth, drive a car, bathe yourself, read, write etc. through repetition.


This repeating of movements and actions becomes a habit over time.


That’s true for anything and everything else in your life that you do day in, and day out.


So it’s natural to assume that human beings are very comfortable staying within the known.


For example, you had a traumatic experience at the local swimming pool as a young child, and now as an adult, you’re terrified of getting into the pool.


And now, as an adult, you’re at a company morale boosting retreat and have to get into the pool with your colleagues.


What will you do?


Let your fear rule you and stay firmly within your comfort zone, declining to join your colleagues in the pool?




Will you realize and recognize that these are just impulses from your past that have been recorded within your subconscious mind and be open to trying new experiences?


And jump in anyway!


Being willing and able to take risks is an important part of being a leader.


With FasterEFT, you can clear your fears from the past through and allow yourself to step into the unknown with faith.


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When you are constantly stepping out of your comfort zone, you will be surprised at how much you are able to achieve, how good it feels and how positively it impacts others.


3. Are you supportive?

The answer to this may be an automatic yes, but think about it for a second.


A true leader knows how to bring people together.


People with different temperaments, abilities and knowledge.


If you’ve ever been intimidated or scared of your boss, you’ll recognize this as a form of bullying.


Often those in executive positions use their titles to intimidate those below them.


This isn’t how a true leader acts.


A true leader allows everyone to voice their opinions and is open to constructive criticism.


A true leader knows that being supportive of their colleagues, whether below you or above you, encourages growth and overall productivity.


A true leader, allows everyone to feel valued and knows how to gently voice criticism without putting anyone down, or breaking their self confidence.


Nurturing confidence, being supportive and offering comfort are very powerful qualities for any leader to have.


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4. Are you flexible?

We all want things to happen our way, on our time frame, with the people we want.


But things don’t always work out as planned.


And the mark of a true leader is someone who realizes that life is unpredictable, and the best thing you can do is be adaptable to any given situation.


Some people are very rigid and inflexible.


If things don’t happen their way, they walk away, scrap the idea, fire people, start yelling at people.


They get sulky, sour, negative, and bring others down with them.


That’s a sure fire way of making sure you will always be struggling in life.


You will always be fighting the circumstances if you can’t learn to adapt and make the best out of a bad situation.


A good leader realizes that they have to make do with whatever resources they have available.


It’s about understanding and accepting that being resourceful is a skill, not a setback.


Sometimes, limited time, resources and finances can be the gateway to even greater accomplishments and productivity.


It forces everyone to put their best foot forward – bosses and colleagues alike.


A real leader knows that to get true results, he or she must work harmoniously and efficiently with whatever they have.


Being flexible is a huge asset if you’re looking to move up in the workplace.


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5. Are you a team player?

Are you aligned with the core values of your company or abusiness?


Do you believe in what your company is trying to achieve?


How do your actions correspond to the overall company environment?


Are you always looking for ways to help and move the company forward collectively, or are you only just trying to look out for the next promotion at the cost of your work ehtic?


A true leader embodies the core values of his/her business/company and makes a conscious effort to make sure his/her actions are in line with those values.


This may not seem like an important quality, but you’ll be surprised to learn that being able to verbalize a company’s beliefs and goals will put you in a position of being able to influence others easily.


Leadership isn’t just about winning.


It’s about being able to move the forward, with everyone in the business/company benefitting from it’s overall growth and profit.


And that’s the job of a true leader.


The key to becoming a Leader

They key to becoming a leader, or rising to a position of leadership is to clear out your own mess.


Robert explains it beautifully in this video below:



And here’s the best part – the #1 mistake to avoid when Faster EFT tapping on yourself:



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