6 Self-Care Tips for the Mind and Body

Living a healthy, successful and happy life requires self-care. Self-care plays an important role in achieving and maintaining a happy life. In fact, self-care determines how well you align with your soul’s ultimate purpose.

Without self-care, your relationships may dwindle, together with your mental and physical health. Some people think that self-care is being inconsiderate and selfish. This is a toxic belief that has caused many people to neglect self-care. The feeling of guilt every time they take an action that prioritize themselves can form negative mindsets about the worthiness of self.

It seems like many people fall victim to the toxic belief that a relationship with your own “self” is unnecessary. Self-love is an abandoned idea for it is misinterpreted as a non-virtuous practice. The FasterEFT system challenges the conventional idea on self-love and encourages everyone to stick to a healthy self-care routine.

In doing so, you encourage dominance of positive emotions which improves how you produce positive mindsets.

Self-Care: Self is Worthy

Weaken and destroy toxic beliefs that do not empower you. The self is worthy. To think for a minute that it is okay to neglect yourself as you get trapped in the chaos of daily life will only produce problems. There is no work and life balance without “you” being the priority.

With little to no self-love you don’t have much to give anyway.

Cultivate within you love for everyone, but begin by loving yourself.

6 Self-Care Tips for The Mind and Body:


1. Put an end to over-thinking

Overthinking is a sign of worry. Overthinking the future and clinging dearly to the past is a common mindset that most people subscribe to. Thinking that overthinking may produce a solution to life’s dilemmas or clinging to the past hoping to solve mistakes or fix unfortunate situations is never fruitful.

Overthinking as a mindset is limiting, it limits your ability to appreciate what is going on in your current life experience.

Since all our power is available only in the “NOW”, minds that are focused too much on the future and clinging to the past will miss out on great opportunities that presently offered.

Put an end to overthinking and worry by harnessing the power of the mind to change your mental programs. FasterEFT offers liberation from the emotions you are still carrying based on past regrets and mistakes while allowing you to secure a brand new and positive perception about the future.

2. Stop comparing yourself to anyone

Align yourself with empowered individuals but never compare yourself with their accomplishments. When you do understand fully and accept what the previous statement truly means, you will discover that fulfilling your dreams becomes easier.

Envy and jealousy robs us of the opportunity to enjoy our own life experiences. In such a mindset, we are limited to seeing and feeling only our struggles because our motivation is drawn from the successes of others.

Jealousy and envy can be transformed. You may transform these negative emotions as your guide. Understand and harness the power of your emotional compass and use any negative emotion as your guide to locate deeper issues about yourself.

This will take you a step closer to self-mastery on the way to achieving and sustaining success and happiness. FasterEFT is a great way to begin. Discover the power of your emotions and how they can used as your catalyst to success. Click here to get started for free.

3. Use FasterEFT tapping to calm down

In the heat of any argument, busy daily tasks and toxic schedules – free yourself from mental strain by using FasterEFT tapping to reset your mind back to calm. The FasterEFT tapping is an uncomplicated and highly effective way of reducing and stopping stress responses as you go through the suggested meridian points.

You may use FasterEFT during your breaks or allot a small space within your schedule to tap away accumulated stress. This technique is ideal and powerful to restore your body’s energy levels back to optimum.

You’ll begin to witness that with tapping you can have more energy at the end of the day as compared to allowing an accumulation of stress.


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4. Shield yourself from negative people and situations

It is difficult to be selective of people you interact with on a daily basis especially if you are a working individual. The simplest and most effective way to avoid being affected by other people is to draw a line. Don’t let negative people into your inner circle.

In cases you have to interact with someone causing you to feel negative, use FasterEFT tapping to tap away negative emotions that build from that interaction.

5. Avoid building your life in social media – socialize for real

Social media such as Facebook and others are a great way to stay in touch and can be fun. But use it in moderation and do not build your life around it.

The stream in your newsfeed may warrant negative emotions to rise and, be brave to unfollow friends and pages that you think do not share anything to empower you.

Limit yourself from using gadgets intended for digital socialization. Improve your connections by building real bonds with people through activities. The power of technology offers convenience, but if you do not keep the balance, social media can be addictive.

6. Embrace your imperfections

Develop a healthy self-concept. Those things you consider as your imperfections makes you unique. In fact, you hold within you the power to transform your imperfections into strengths that will help you achieve your full potential. Your scars and mistakes can be your very portal to success.

Remember, your problems are produced not because you are imperfect. You produce problems because you hold within you an imprint that validates them to manifest. Your imperfections are fiction created by your mind while you distort your reality to adapt to popular or mainstream toxic beliefs.


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