6 Tips To Overcome Self-Doubt using FasterEFT

Doubt, specifically self-doubt can be frustrating, and it can destroy all motivation and inspiration, if it is left unchecked.


This article will explore useful tools, techniques and tips for dealing with this debilitating issue.


Self- doubt is without a doubt, one of the biggest problems people have today.


It seeps into any worthwhile endeavor – doubt in business projects, doubt in relationships, doubt in humanity, doubt about public speaking, doubt about responsibilities, doubt about weight loss – and undermines your confidence.


And its effects can be devastating, self-limiting and life-long.


It can lead to low self-esteem and, in extreme cases, to self hatred; unless you find a better way of dealing with it.


There are ways in which doubt can be very helpful!


When you doubt something, it challenges you to find out more about it, or improve your skills, or find a better way to tackle it.


If you were to remove your current doubts, what would you do?


Who would you be?


What would you achieve?


There are many different understandings of doubt and what causes it.


Some people see it as a sign that something wrong – something they can’t quite put their finger on.


Others consider self-doubt an instinct, and some see it as a warning from something beyond the physical.


And all of these are possibilities.


The difference is, when doubt is unfounded.


In other words, when doubt holds you back from your goals, dreams and desires; and when doubt interferes with your happiness.


That, is when it is a problem.


Doubt – Helpful or Unhelpful?

Self-doubt becomes a problem when it starts holding you back from getting what you want, again and again.


Then it’s no longer a sign that something is wrong; it is the result of unconscious programming.


When your self-doubt is of “helpful” kind, you will know it – you will find a way around the problem, or find a new solution.


But when doubt causes you to become disempowered – that is how you will recognize it as a program that’s keeping you from moving forward.


How Doubt Is Created – A Story

Like everything else, self-doubt is created by a series of life experiences that have been interpreted and given meaning by the subconscious mind.


For more information on how and why this happens, read: How to do the Faster EFT Tap – The Basic Recipe


This means that if you are experiencing problems because of unfounded doubts, you are currently holding a set of records in your subconscious that provide “evidence” of this problem.


And as long as you hold those records your subconscious mind will be constantly prompting your body and brain to respond accordingly.


The feeling of self-doubt you feel is the result of certain chemicals that are released by the major organs of your body.


It is a system that is designed to keep you safe.


It’s just that the “threat” it’s responding to is not real.


Let’s illustrate this using a story.


For example: When Jamie was eight years old, he was bullied when he started attending a new school.


He knew no-one at the school, and felt very isolated.


When he tried to make friends by inviting them to play with his new Lego set, they made fun of him.


One day in class, the teacher asked the class to explain the difference between the spelling of the words “there”, “their” and “they’re”.


Jamie, who knew the difference, and was eager to receive some sort of positive attention, enthusiastically raised his hand to demonstrate his knowledge.


The teacher called him up to the front to explain the difference.


As Jamie turned to face the class, he caught sight of the two of the boys who had bullied him in the playground before, and his mind went blank.


Because the prefrontal cortex of the brain (where we do our cognitive thinking) shuts down during the fight-freeze-or-flight emergency state, Jamie was unable to think clearly.


His body went into the stress state; all he was aware of was the faces of those two boys, and he was unable to think of anything else.


Humiliated, Jamie returned to his seat.


He was pretty sure at that point that the teacher and the other kids didn’t believe he knew the difference between the words.


This made the situation worse.


He could feel the frustration, hopelessness and tears welling up.


Jamie had the knowledge, and he should have been able to explain it; but the teacher and the other kids now believed he’d lied or was stupid.


The feeling was almost unbearable.


Behind the Scenes in Jamie’s Subconscious

That moment when Jamie froze in front of the class, his body was already in a state of stress


His subconscious mind immediately began to calculate the danger, and set in place a mechanism to prevent the threat to his life in the future.


Remember, not only is the subconscious is incapable of understanding logic and reason; it is also not able to independently distinguish between different threats.


If the body has reacted with fight-freeze-or-flight, the threat is a matter of life-or-death as far as the entire body, brain and subconscious is concerned.


The only part of the brain that can distinguish between a life-or-death threat and a bruised ego or humiliation is the conscious mind.


And the conscious mind has very little power over the health-and-safety department of the subconscious.


Jamie’s subconscious mind automatically made two assumptions:


a) That no matter how confident he may feel about himself, there is no guarantee, and


b) it is dangerous to put himself in a position where he needs to prove himself.


The result is that, as Jamie grew older, he constantly found himself backing out of situations and challenges.


Each experience of this kind reinforced the “proof” held in his subconscious that the self-doubt he felt was valid and well-founded.


As an adult, Jamie continued to live this “truth”.


He would get excited about a new project, and start to work on it; and then the doubts would start to creep in.


His body would go into fight-freeze-or-flight, and his conscious mind would interpret the feelings as doubt – signs there was good reason he should not go through with it.


Self-Doubt: The Solution

While your story may be different to Jamie’s there will be a similar starting point for your pattern of self-doubt.


The great news is that you don’t need to remember it consciously, and you don’t even need to know what it was.


All you need to do is notice how you know it’s a problem now.


Take a deep breath, and remember the last time you felt self-doubt.


Notice how it feels, where in your body you feel it, and how strong it is.


Then, use the FasterEFT technique to tap out that feeling until it has completely gone.


While you’re going through the process, you may notice different thoughts, feelings and memories come to you.


Keep a notebook nearby and make a note of them as you go through the process.


Then, pick the earliest memory, and use the FasterEFT technique to change that memory.


Make sure you have completely changed or “flipped” it before you move on.


Then, go back and check if the doubt is still there.


Go to each memory of where you’ve felt self-doubt and check if it’s still there.


If it is, tap until you flip it.


You’ll find that as you change some memories, others may change as well.


Once you’ve done that, go to your current feelings of self-doubt again, and check if they’re still there.


If they are, notice what’s different – do they feel different in some way?


Are they less intense?


Whatever it is, just notice what’s still left there, and use the FasterEFT technique to flip those too.


Don’t stop until you cannot find any trace of self-doubt.


6 Tips To Get Rid of Self-Doubt:


  1. Get a notebook dedicated just to FasterEFT Tapping and start carrying it around with you everywhere.


It doesn’t have to be a big notebook, it can be a small notepad. Then, create categories and group them by subject.


2. A few main ones are – General, Family, Romantic, Friends, Work, Money, Business, Sex, Childhood, Food.


The start noting things down as they come to you throughout the day.

Whether they’re memories, thoughts, feelings, sensations, words, sounds – whatever it is, make a note of them.

3. Now set aside about 15-20 minutes (you can set aside more time if you have so) everyday, whether it’s in the morning, afternoon, at night before bed and go through you list and tap on each of these topics.

You can prioritize them according to what needs your most urgent attention and work your way through.

The important thing is to do the tapping, and the results WILL follow.

But YOU have to do the work, no one else can do it for you.

It all depends on how badly you want to get rid of self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs.


4. Now every day, whenever a negative thought comes to you, add it to your list.

And each morning before starting your day, run through your list, and tap on the issues most important to you.

5. Keep on tapping!

Persistence is key when it comes to making changes.

Keep going, keep tapping, keep clearing away those old self destructive thoughts and beliefs and you WILL start noticing a difference in how you feel.


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