Being kicked out of my home, with no place to go eutaptics® FasterEFT™

Being kicked out of my home, with no place to go

Have you ever been forced to change your life in a short period of time? Does the thought of uprooting your life and starting somewhere new scare you? As humans we get used to our environment, form daily habits, and when those get broken or changed it sends us into a panic. What if there was a method that would enable you to accept the change, and allow you to have a clear mind to focus on the new beginning of your life? 

Robert Gene and Skills to Change Institute would like to share with you a story about a participant named Jane who is going through the stress of forced change. Jane has been participating in our Tap-Alongs for almost 4 months now. During the month of March, she was informed by her landlord that her house she had been living in for 4 years was now sold. The landlord told Jane she had until the end of May to find a new place to live. Jane panicked, she did not know what to do, the place she calls home was being taken away from her. Jane did not want to leave her home, and the thought of moving somewhere new scared her. She did not have much money to move in such a short time. The anxiety, stress, and mental toll was exceeding Jane’s limits. The housing market has greatly increased in price since Jane moved into her home, so trying to find a place with a similar price was nearly impossible for her. Jane was truly at the end of her rope and looking for hope.

One day Jane received an email from Robert Gene, and in this email was a call to action to join the Tap-Along sessions to receive help and mental clarity. Jane being at the end of her rope signed up for the Tap-Along sessions. When she first attended the Tap-Along, she volunteered to share her story and she explained to the group what was going on in her life. After explaining the situation to the group, Robert Gene began to tap on Jane and help her find the memories that were causing her anxiety and stress levels to rise through the roof. Jane recalled a time when she was young when her family forced her to move away from her childhood home and how she felt like her entire world was up rooted and taken away from her. Robert Gene and Jane spent time tapping and changing this memory. Robert Gene asked Jane to continue tapping if she felt the memory, stress, or anxiety coming back after the Tap-Along session ended.

The next week came around and Jane did not miss the Tap-Along, she volunteered to give an update on her situation. The bags under her eyes had reduced, she was regaining color in her skin, she looked far less stressed and anxious than the previous week. She spoke about how she still had not managed to find a new place but the stress, anxiety, and fear of doing so had been reduced significantly but the life change and financial situation would still occasionally cause a wave of fear. She talked about when she was tapping she had a breakthrough and found more memories that were taking a toll on her well-being. She would work on reprogramming that memory, she would feel better about it then all of a sudden a new memory came up. Jane said she found insight on why she chooses certain actions. Robert Gene paused Jane, he told her she did not need to know why, to focus on redesigning those memories to what she wishes. Robert Gene said, “The biggest mistake is not spending enough time on the memory and completing the redesign”.  Robert Gene discussed with Jane the financial fear she had was represented by past memories. How money can represent personal values, skills, talents, identity, love, and hate. Jane was tasked to write down and look at the memories around money. Robert Gene expressed to Jane that those memories can represent mom & dad, religious views, past self, expression, creativity, what you witnessed as a child, past job experiences, past relationships, and many more. The last thing Robert Gene said to Jane before moving onto the next volunteer was, “If you are fearful, you are rotting in your own fear”. 

The third week comes along and Jane is back in the Tap-Along session. The lights were brighter in the room she was in, the bags under her eyes were almost unrecognizable, Jane looked happier, less stressed, less anxious. She talked about how she had some major success since the last session. She found a memory that was hidden deep within that she felt was unforgivable, and it was causing a lot of the mental strain. Jane said she was able to focus on that memory and it took the shape of a rock. Jane said she wasn't alone in this visualization, her younger self and son were there with her. Jane told the group that after tapping on the memory and reprogramming it, the people that were there with her all embraced the rock with a hug. 

Robert Gene’s training changes people's lives one step at a time. Jane came to the Tap-Along sessions broken, and at the end of her rope. She was able to find peace, and happiness within herself to get through the tough forced life change. When you volunteer in the weekly Tap-Along and share your enduring story, you are then guided by Robert Gene through a step-by-step process. This process will elicit your emotional strategy and help you change the reference point that the frustration and stress is just a façade, and the problem is emotional escapism. 

We know there are issues you face on a daily basis that cause stress, or emotional tension in your life. The process Robert Gene created can be done quickly and anywhere. I know you are interested in a better way of life, this is YOUR TIME to make the change. We offer multiple courses on our website created for multiple different issues like relationships, weight loss, PTSD, stress, abuse, anxiety and many more. We encourage you to attend a Tap-Along and experience the methods that have changed many people's lives. You can find the Tap-Along’s on our website where we offer month-long packages where you can gain access to four sessions in a single month. If you are unsure of the monthly commitment, on our website we offer a drop-in ticket to attend one Tap-Along. 

We only have one life, so make the changes now to improve your mind in order to live happier and healthier. If you do not make these changes you risk living with the stress, anxiety, emotional struggles, and an unhappy feeling that can affect your growth in life. 

As Robert Gene has said, “There has always been someone who's been there for you. They pushed you, dragged you, cheering for you, signed you up for courses, took you to therapy, studied with you and were there when you cried. That person is yourself. You are your own savior and healer. Honor yourself!”

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