Faster EFT Tapping For Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss is an undeniable part of life.


We all are sure to experience it in some way or form.


But sometimes, it can seem like too much to handle on our own.


At Faster EFT we understand how grief and loss work.


Whether you’re currently going through extreme grief, or have experienced it in the recent past, this post is sure to help you cope.


Some people don’t do very well with grief and loss.


They’re really haunted and tormented and can’t pull themselves out of it.


Even if you have people taking care of you, or you are taking care of people going through it, you still have that loss to deal with.


One of the best, easiest and fastest things you can do is tap using the Faster EFT tapping technique.


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Faster EFT Tapping Frees You

So once you start tapping on grief and loss, you will start to heal.


For example, Jessica just lost her beloved pet dog.


Now she knows about Faster EFT Tapping and starts to tap on her emotions immediately.


She taps on her feelings of loss and hurt.


And any other emotions that may show up like guilt, anger, sadness.


She uses Faster EFT tapping on the guilt that she could have spent more time playing with her dog.


Jessica taps on thoughts like ‘I could have taken him to the vet sooner, I should have been more attentive, I could have spent more time walking him’ etc.


What happens is that as she continues tapping, the intensity of the grief and loss she feels starts to lessen.


The sadness and hurt of the loss is still there.


But it no longer feels like a stabbing pain in her chest, where she can’t breathe or think.


She is more able to function and deal with her grief and loss.


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Stop Telling Yourself To “Get Over It”

One of the things we heart most often is people telling someone suffering from grief and loss to “get over it”.


Or you may be telling yourself that.


Whatever the case is, that’s the wrong way to go about it.


It’s not that easy, and often seems impossible to get over someone losing a sibling to cancer.


Or someone losing a spouse, child, parent to an illness or an accident.


We need to remember that grief is a many layered thing.


You don’t necessarily have to “get over it”.


You can keep the memories, savor them and still not cry every day or every week of the year, whenever you think about the loss.



By using Faster EFT tapping!


The great thing about this modality is that it allows you to let go of the hurt and move forward.


Otherwise you are literally living in the past, if you keep living with those same hurtful memories over and over again.


People use grief and loss from the past to torment themselves.


It becomes a constant source of punishment.


Losing a loved one is a sad event, no doubt.


And, of course it’s natural to feel overwhelming hurt for a while after suffering from grief and loss .


But it’s supposed to last a while, not a lifetime.


The Faster EFT process keeps helping you clean out the emotional trauma.


So that you get to a point where you don’t feel that crippling emotional pain everyday.


That allows you to get back to everyday living, with the people who are still around you.


Faster EFT Tips To Getting Started with Healing From Grief and Loss

Robert suggests doing these THREE things to help you get started in the healing process.


  1. Write down all the good memories you can think of about that person/pet/incident and how that made you feel.


It could be the experiences you shared with them.


The gifts they gave you.


All the good times you shared together.


This way you can ensure you’re honoring them with those memories.


  1. Make a list of things they did that hurt you.


And use the Faster EFT tapping technique to tap on those things!


  1. Ask yourself, what was the gift behind what they did that hurt you?


Some of the best lessons in life are learned in a harsh environment.


That’s how evolution happens.


When an organism is forced to adapt to its surroundings, it becomes stronger, faster, better.


A better version of its former self.


Like buying a new iPhone.


It still has the same structure and look, but a new iPhone is better than the previous generation.


That’s the same with your past trauma and pain.


Some of the best healing will come from the pain, if you Faster EFT tap on it, release it and let it go.


Then learn from it and move forward.


Obvious Reasons That Memories Rule Our Lives

Memories Are Key

It all depends on how you hold those memories and represent them inside your mind.


For example, if your mother recently passed away and you always had a negative image or representation of her in your mind, it’s a good idea to use Faster EFT tapping on that and flip it.


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So it’s a good idea to sit down with your list, go through each of items one by one, and tap on them, have a good crying session and let it out if you must.


If you feel overwhelmed and can’t tap on yourself, then we have a list of Faster EFT Practitioners you can work with to help with your healing.


Please see: Talk to a practitioner to book a session with a Faster EFT Practitioner.


Doing all these things together will all lead to automatic changes in how you represent those memories in your mind.


So now whenever you think of them, you feel good.


You will be able to feel the love and the gratitude for having had the time you had with them.


Instead of feeling the pain, loss, guilt, shame etc.


Always remember that it’s the good memories, the good experiences that are the gifts.


Use your grief and loss as an opportunity to graduate and move onto the next level.


Cherish them in your memories by feeling good about them.


That’s the most important thing, keep the gifts from the past and let go of everything else.


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